Maliwan takedown-- what am I doing wrong

You said you’ve used several builds, they may work for other people but perhaps shuffling a few points about to play to your strengths will yield better results.

If you show the trees we may have suggestions, or advice on possible better gear.


I guess my biggest frustration is not being able to respawn at the drop in for Wotan but having to redo 1/2 the world just to get back to him…


At least you don’t have to face the Valkyries again.

Digistruct Peak was back to the starting line and back through Dukino’s Mom and the GD Assassins.


hang on let me get it put in

This build has done the best for me this so far of all that I have tried and gotten me the farthest.

What is your class mod? Cosmic Stalker? And what are the passives?
Same for the relic?
And what shield?

Overall that doesn’t look too far away from my build that I’ve been using on a FL4K lately. Couple of green skills I don’t use in yours, and I took the duration increase in the blue tree.

I’d drop the brainstormer from your load out until you’re about to hit Wotan personally given the fact that if you activate FA you’ve got the charge up biting into the reduced GITM time. Nevermind thought Brainstormer was Maliwan, it’s hyperion. I’ve not used one so it may be useful, I don’t know.
I personally use the Call guns since every shot will crit with FA.

I think I’ve moved some points from that since then, but that’s a rough idea of what I use. And, while it works for me, it may not work for you and others may have questions about certain choices I’ve made.
At the end of the day, I find my build fun, and it works as far as I care.
I use a Last Stand Otto Idol, a Re-charger and bounce between St4ckbot and Cosmic Stalker depending on what I feel like using at the time.

class mod is rabid bounty hunter; shield is a stop gap; otto idol artifact; and I also bounce between the st4ckbot and cosmic stalker. I actually just beat it thank the Lord! now i just need to work on my armara a get her to 50 so i get her build set up.


this will be her build

Don’t forget the one true God roll com that is better than any other one, no need to watch any other video this build killed God himself.
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Congrats on success. Your skill tree and gear is like what 90% of Fl4ks end up using to solo, rakk and fade away work great with those skills. I’m honestly surprised you’re having issues unless your GR is under 225 or your strategy has holes. I would definitely recommend trimming up points and getting your hands on a bounty hunter mod with 3 points in most dangerous game since it gives damage and handling make a huge difference. I LOVE two fang, but given you’ll be using a brainstormerer as much as possible, I use a Maggie and kyb’s worth as well, so you’re better off with second intention most of the time so you can keep brainstormererin’. I also run with cryo/rad on ase but switch to cryo/corrosive just for Wotan. I have actually killed him and his better half both at once using a brainstormer while they split, with a positive shotgun modifier of course.
Another note and this is a personal preference, ever since they gave leave no trace a cooldown I really can’t justify putting more than 2 points into it even with Fadeaway builds.

Best gear advice- whatever artifact you use for mobbing, switch it out to a snowdrift for Wotan.

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Fl4k can be a pain in takedown solo, but this guy did exactly what I did in my first successful completion on Fl4k:

Snowdrift helps a ton for avoiding the explosions. I also swapped to Rakks for healing and haven’t looked back since. Fade away was fun, but Rakks helped tremendously with my survivability. Plus once you get ASE gear I feel it’s a better boost to dps. Though with the new gamma burst anointed boost, I think I might try that out instead when I’m running with friends cause that seems badass haha

Quick suggestion: try switching out GitM in favor of Until You Are Dead. The extra regen and movement speed are very useful vs Wotan. You may also notice that you get back into Fade Away more quickly after this switch.

In fights like Wotan, where you have to move a lot, I’ve found that a non-gitm build works best. Use a good Bangstick, with a lot of pellets and possibly anointment, go invisible and unload on him. As soon as you reload start sliding all over the place with a snowdrifter relic and fade away will recharge from all the delayed crits. Rinse and repeat.

I’m in the same boat, but the experience would be a ton better without the game glitches. I’ve tried now for a week to complete it solo, and/or, with a team via MM’ing. I’ve gotten as far as taking Wotan down to 1/2 and then the double shields pop up and when I try and get inside the one I get nuclearized to shreds. I’m playing as FL4K, first as gamma burst and then I respec’d to fade away. I’ve glitched out of the game more than I’ve actually died trying to complete it. Either I get sent back to the start of the takedown, back to the dashboard (Xbox One X), or the screen freezes momentarily and then takes me to the game home screen. I’ve had occassions where I started MM’ing and gotten all the way to taking Wotan down to 1/2 and then 2 more decide to spawn in but it takes the game all the way back to the start, sigh!!!

I know it’s all about the build but I must not have the correct setup still.

What system do you play on?

Fl4k is the only toon i have not soloed wotan with as well. Fine through entire run and entire wotan fight until he splits…then i go down instantly from explosions. Is there any way to more easily avoid the bouncing betties he throws out in his final phase? At least the red airstrikes give you notice to avoid

When he’s got the double shields up, he’s not firing rockets, so you can park somewhere safe to regenerate health, shields, cooldown, reload, whatever. He’ll usually plop down near one of those lift platforms, so ride up the closest one and sit on top such that the bottom of the platform eclipses him. He can’t shoot you from there in this stage.

When he’s like this, he spawns a lot but finite amount of enemies that I like to dispatch first. Also, I’m pretty sure touching the center shield is death. Further, his only attack at this stage is a brutal onslaught with his guns, but they do have a cooldown.

So! Unless you’re invisible during Fade Away, sitting behind a Barrier, or otherwise protected from that onslaught, you need to work around it. While on the platform, wait until he finishes firing his salvo, jump down between the shields, and take out an enemy or two. Then scoot back and up to the platform before Wotan starts firing. If you get caught down there with your pants down, you’re screwed in trouble. Rinse and repeat until no soldiers are there.

Now you have to deplete his shield through that little gap in the inner shield. The same applies here; don’t get caught down there when his guns aren’t on cooldown. Whittle away at his shield through that rotating gap while staying safe on the platform when his guns are active, and you’ll get on to the next stage.

This is the choke point for me too if I’m going to die at any point in the round… have gotten through it solo a number of times, but my strategy is still rolling the dice that they won’t hit me while I run around as fast as I can.

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Thanks for the tips.

I tried for 3 hours again last night. Got as far as 1/2 of the outer shield down and then died so many times I can’t remember anymore. I went back to FL4K fade away and my pet just kept dying. I need to figure out why. When I was using gamma burst it was the same deal even though I had an artifact that was supposed to revive it when I popped it…it did not. Sigh! Wotan is definitely the toughest boss I’ve ever faced in BL, through all the games.

I was at Mayhem 2 at the time and maybe I’ll dial it back to normal and try it, just to get through it at this point. Thanks again.

I’m pretty sure it’s because they’re stupid and they run straight into the inner shield, which insta-kills them. I’m definitely running that with no Mayhem Modifiers. Gamma Burst can revive/teleport them away, but they’ll just run right back and drop again. I basically write the pet off during this fight (but if someone is using one to good effect, do tell).

Outside of the ground-based intermediate enemies, I’m not even sure I could get a pet to help in the fight. The Skag, Spiderant, and melee Jabber will get crushed; the gun Jabber can help if you squeeze in a few rockets before he gets crushed. :confused: