Maliwan Takedown will give the Dopplebanger build something crazy

Ok so Clone gets your shield right?

New shield they showed off today was the Recharge Berner. Which as you may guess is just the Recharge and nova Berner mixed.

Why is this important? Well with Doppelbanger you want to explode your clone, you could run the Nova Berner to get two explosions, now with the Recharge Berner you’ll get 3 explosions.

Hopefully it’ll be as cool as my brain think it will be.

I assume this was showed off on the Borderlands show? I wonder whether this is a specific item they designed. Or, if we are going to see a system where we can get shields with multiple legendary effects, the same way that some of them can spawn with another non-legendary effect already. Kinda like a hybrid but with shields. that would be wild.

They showed it off today, they just said the “Best Shields in the Game” will be part of the new Free DLC.

They showed off a couple new guns like a Legendary version of the Redistributor SMG

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Does it? I though it was only the Barrier with the capstone.

The Clone always has a Copy of your shield without investment.

The Double Barrel capatone adds your weapon to the mix.


does doppelbanger right now trigger shield novas when he explodes? like berner or frozen heart?

No, but if you time the explosion, Berner will nova before you explode the clone. With this new Shield you might be able to get the 2 novas before you explode the Clone.

We’ll just have to see

sorry I dont get it then ^^
the damage from the shield nova as well as doppelbanger are both pretty low, even when you some how manage to trigger it both. :thinking: one big 50k explosion every~5 seconds just wont be good enough sadly.
Or am I missing the point?

Sure initially, but when you pair it with say the Annointed Effect of at Action Skill End +125% AoE damage. Or any bonus stats from gear that increases splash damage, I’ve seen them hit for closer to 90k.

Sure it’s not the Super Meta, but it’s fun to see how far you can push Dopplebanger.

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Too bad we couldn’t have this now, or design a shield we want like this.

Well the Maliwan Takeover is like Nov. 23rd, so we still got a bit. I use Nova Berner in the meantime.