Maliwan TD and M4 weapons for trade

I’m on PS4 & i got a crader, 4 kybs worth, 2 redistributors, 2 moonfires, and one tiggs boom for trade. Also have a cutpurse deathless I don’t want. I would like a lvl 1 stop gap, or an anointed transformer, red suit, or big boom blaster
Anointed corrosive everblast
Terror anointed grenade.
Or a double barrel schrediffier.
Or if you guys have anything else you might not want but could be good for Moze I’m open to hear you and trade, thank you!

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Good luck.

I have a terror annointed stormfront if you are interested. Psn id howlinwulf for a friend request. Also have a lot of Moze stuff. Got a big boom blaster also.

Are any of your kyb’s binary?

what transformers are you looking for?

Any nice anointment like 75+ shields on ASE

gotcha i have a few different ones with the bonus elemental dmg on ase

I’ve got lvl1 stop gaps.

Looking for 37-44 mag size kybs OR last stand relics with mag size, splash smg, aoe dmg, grenade dmg

I got a 44 mag size kybs, it’s shock and radiation dmg

Can I see them first

Did my pics load ?

Yess Jordan Cole send me your username to send you a friend request and trade

Incendiary would do, what’s your username to send you a friend request

same as here

I’m trying to name these off of the top of my head but…

I believe I had a cryo hex with melee terror anoint (Can’t name off the top of my head- but I think its melee attacks have a chance to apply terror). If you’re interested I would be up for trading it for a Kyb’s worth.

edit: I think I also have a double barrel corrosive shredifier and a whole bunch of Moze COMs (name the roll and type and I’ll take a look!)

Is the name right here your username? So I can add you

My PSN is RChris92, I’ll take a look at the gear later tonight and will send you pics of the gear

Here’s a pic of the terror grenade and double barrel shredifier