Maliwan Time Factor

Was so excited to finally get a scaled solo opportunity for The Maliwan Takedown as desperately want the Moonfire, Redistributor, Zhetveiks Eruption, Tiggs Boom and Vosk’s Deathgrip and they are only available from it, however as a very cautious and not brilliant player have been taking up to an hour sometimes or more getting through it, and after dozens of attempts have still not had any of the above to drop so very disappointing each time. My question is if you take the Mayhem off completely, do you still have the same chance to get the drops, just thinking it would be much quicker. If any kind soul out there has any of the above to trade, have got allsorts, so just ask. Feel like I’m on a time limit to keep trying, hopefully they will see sense and keep this as a permanent fixture.

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Its totally random, iv cleared it probably over 100 times.
sometimes you get dedicated drops from it, others none what so ever, for multiple runs.
only thing mayhem changes is world drops, nothing else.
do it on mayhem 2, instead of 3 or 4 it’s alot quicker and still same chance to get them.

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Thanks, will try that.

Vosk’s Deathgrip can also drop from Troy and Zheitsev’s Eruption from Raging Titan. Both of them can drop only on Mayhem 4 difficulty.

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I was letting Wotan’s better half kill me the other day to speed things up. Tough I skipped out on 1/3 of the loot I was able to farm it close to twice as fast and the valkeries don’t give the best loot tbh. On the plus side after you die 3 times there will be less adds on your way to Wotan.

THIS! Can clear the whole thing in roughly 10 min. Only hang ups are the 1st part waiting for kraken and second is waiting for more enemies to spawn at bridge for door to open. Should get plenty of Tiggs, Moons, and Redistributor.

Unless M4 gear is what you are after.

Hey Jay that’s really impressive am in awe of players like you. Any chance of joining me in a takedown and letting me watch you ? It’s andrewmarks1.

NP send me a request: JayBowdy

I don’t have a headset though. It sounds more impressive than it is. I literally rush through it, ignoring the ratch and going right for doors, clearing as needed just to hit bosses.

Also I am central time, and play usually 8-9ish pm

Have sent you a request Jay

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Don’t have headset either so no worries.