Maliwan Troops Look AWESOME!

Just had my first big fight against Maliwan with Lorelei on Promethea.

They look SOOOO COOL!

So glad we are going to get to see more of corporation’s unique troops throughout this game…well…actually…I just realized…maybe not many of the Corporations.

I remember there being lines in the latest new Borderlands 2 DLC (Commander Lilith) that Vladof troops were being wiped out wholesale by…Maliwan? Atlas? Couldn’t be Hyperion. Dahl I don’t think has had a military presence in a looong time. Torque (Torgue I know) maybe doesn’t even have troops? Just aesthetically minded weapon engineers who want to create beautiful guns and then WRESTLE EACH OTHER LIKE REAL MEN AND THEN CHUG CHAMPAGNE AND RECITE POETRY ABOUT HOT RODS!!!

Maybe we’ll see weakened Vladof…Atlas is fighting Maliwan obviously.

Tediore? What does Tediore get up to? Trying to create boomerang guns in splendid isolation?

Am I forgetting anyone?

Oh…Jakobs…what’s Jakobs’ story?


Maybe it will just be Maliwan and CoV…and aliens…I’ve heard there are aliens.