Maliwan weapons. Yay or Nay?

I’m really hating this charge feature on the Maliwan weapons. Some of them seem really great once they get going but the delay to get going makes them feel very bad to use…especially when mobs are moving around.

Is everyone hating them or is it just me or just that they don’t work well with Fl4k or what?


I’m 50/50 on them. I don’t like the charge thing at all, I would prefer that wasn’t there, but some of them are very good and some have much shorter charge times, as well. But yes, it is irritating.

Maliwan is probably the most divisive manufacturer in the game. Some people swear by them, some people like me hate thier guts.

They would be better if DOTs didmt get nerfed.


I have only my FL4K at level 42 if Vault Hunter matters at all.

I personally have this level 39 (recently upgraded from a level 31) Mally Shotty with something like 280+% Cryo and omfg does it absolutely wreck enemies, basically one hit they are frozen unless badass or higher. Badasses get a couple and they are either dead or frozen then dead. If it doesn’t one shot kill it freezes and kills the next its slow because of the charge but its meaty.

I grew up playing Mega Man X. I am basically born with my finger on the trigger to charge. I prefer charge shots to Fully Automatic Guns.

I totally get the hate, but the Shockwave Shotguns are my favorite ShotGuns on Amara.

Not a fan, the charging really diminishes their utility in a firefight. 1-2 second delay to start firing kills my pace and leaves me compelled to keep firing (wasting ammo)

Yeah, I don’t have an issue with the charge in theory but in practice it just makes my aiming feel way off because every other shooting experience in other games is instant. That delay just throws me off and especially when there are a ton of mobs moving all over the place. I feel like I just miss a lot more.

The binary cutsman legendary smg is great against bosses with huge hitboxes. The trevonator shotgun is actually decent because you don’t need to charge it.
All others suck

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I’m a hyper aggressive gamer. Guns that slow me down are not suited to my playstyle, so it’s a hard nay from me. I don’t want to have to adjust my battle strategy to cater to a particular gimmick that I can replace with something else.

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I don’t mind playing around their mechanic. I like most of there non-legendary guns, especially their Terminator and Shockwave shotguns. Cyclotrons, the burst fire sniper rifle (I don’t remember it’s name), and the Nebula smg’s, I dislike because they don’t hit hard enough after the charge up. Recursion and Cutsman are decent legendaries.

The only ones I’ve actually enjoyed using are Maliwan Quasar SMGs (the solid beam ones…I think) and Maliwan Alien Heliophage SMGs (which I suspect are just the Alien Gun version of Quasars).

The charge up delay time RUINS most Maliwan weapons for me. On the Quasars, the time for the beam to charge up and solidify into existence seems fairly minimal.

The only ones I actually been using have high radiation dmg but that makes me feel like the radiation dmg is doing most of the work because the radiation dmg seems off the charts compared to other elements.

Even the porcelain pipe bomb post-nerf still seems very strong. I have yet to replace it and it’s getting lower level for me. Paired with a legendary shield that gives me 100% radiation resistance it seems pretty nice.

I’ve found a few shotguns with excellent damage output.
In general though, one of my least favorite manufacturers.

It’s funny, I’m so used to playing Toby from Battleborn that the charge feature on Iron Bear’s railguns actually seems to be the strongest option for me in terms of damage output (because i’m so used to it and GOOD with hitting headshots with them), but I absolutely detest it on the Maliwan guns I use on Amara. I can’t explain it.


Nice to see a familiar old name on the Borderlands sub :slight_smile:


Same! :grin:

Seriously though, I can’t explain my dislike for Maliwan sniper rifle charge times, when I so enjoy it on Iron Bear’s railguns. It makes zero sense.

Then again… Love often does. :smirk:

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Binary cutsman i have one of each element, most powerful gun I own with moze in mayhem 3, and I have pretty much all of them

A majority of them are indeed trash but certain types are worth using.

  • Semi-auto pistols and snipers don’t need a full charge and are actually satisfying, the way a charge mechanic should be.
  • Shockwave shotguns are almost as good, but they need a minimum charge. It’s short though, and past that, you have control over when it fires. Terminators feel crap but are at least strong, cyclotrons are worse terminators
  • SMGs also feel crap, but they have quasars, which do look cool (and they are the only true hitscan weapons in the game, try 'em against rakk in cistern of slaughter)
  • There’s also the alien barrels (on shotguns and snipers afaik), which need no charge and just destroy.

And maliwan has several good uniques to look for too.

charge time sucks. i blame katagawa for that.

Yeah, that dude sucks

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