"Mallory" - Torgue allegiance build

Alright, with my Fastball/Tediore build basically done, I’m ready to move on to my Torgue allegiance build. With that, I’ll have a personalized build for each of the commando’s most common playstyles (a 26-15-26 Double Up/Gemini, an Explosive Axton and a Fastball Axton). I want to try a Jakobs allegiance build too, but that one would probably end up being just a riff on @Troubled’s turret-less “Leatherneck” build. There isn’t much room for variation there, so there’s no point in opening a new thread to discuss it. However, I still need to have my Torgue build analyzed by the experts here before calling it finished. So, without further ado, let’s get to it. This build is meant for use in OP0, by the way.


I always name my builds after characters from spaghetti westerns. The name I’ve chosen for this build is “Mallory”, after John H. Mallory, the irish explosives expert played by James Coburn in Sergio Leone’s mexican revolution spaghetti western “Duck, You Sucker!”.


Torgue guns only, no slag weapons of any kind (all the slagging will come from the turret) and no Moxxi weapons of any kind (not even the Creamer).


Only two non-Torgue items will be used, the Legendary Engineer and the Quasar. The reason for these exceptions will be explained below.


Most of the weapons I’ll be carrying benefit a lot from enemies being close together, so I’ll need a way of pulling them together by force. The way to do this is with singularity grenades. The playstyle would involve deploying the turret to activate Battlefront and slag a few of the enemies, throwing a couple of singularity grenades to group them together and then unleashing the explosions on them. Then I’d use a more precise weapon to take care of the last few who are still alive and the occasional stray. The inspiration for this came from seeing some of the recent weapon guides for the commando from @MOLMF on YouTube, so credit where credit is due.


Unkempt Harold: Yes, it’s a cheap, “easy mode” gun. I don’t care. I want a pistol for my loadout, and as far as Torgue pistols go, nothing beats the Harold. Due to the lack of slag and the nature of the other weapons I’ll be using, I’ll need a gun that I can rely on to kill enemies fast without depending on slag and that could also be used at close range. The Harold is that gun. With the boosts it would get from this build, it would be almost cynical not to use it. It will give me the security and freedom I need to make this fun.

KerBlaster: It’s my favorite assault rifle in the game, has high damage potential even without being able to score critical hits, it’s very reliable against groups of enemies and the child grenades get a damage bonus from the skills.

Flakker: I know that it doesn’t get any grenade damage bonus and that it has a steep learning curve, but the damage potential is huge and I think it’s a really fun gun. Fun is the key word here for me. This is supposed to be a fun build. It’s a controversial weapon, but with a little practice, it should perform well against big targets, some flying enemies and in closed spaces.

Nukem: It’s here as a “panic weapon” of sorts and for second winds when enemies are far away and/or hiding. Also performs better when enemies are close together, so it fits the playstyle I’m going for.

Ogre: It’s a great weapon and one that will get grenade damage bonus. It’s here to function as a more ammo efficient alternative to the other weapons and also for when it’s necessary to focus on a single target as opposed to a group of enemies.

Ravager: Another good gun that will get a damage bonus. It’s a backup gun, for when a close range weapon is needed and the Harold is low on ammo.

Quasar: Singularity grenades are a huge part of the playstyle intended for this build. The Quasar is the grenade mod that has the strongest singularity pull in the game, so it’s the obvious choice for the job. Plus, it has the shock damage to help strip enemies of their shields and leave their soft flesh exposed for all the EXPLOSIONS. Sticky Longbow prefix to maximize efficiency.

Bonus Package: It’s here purely as a Torgue made damage alternative to the Quasar. I chose it over the Meteor Shower because I feel it’s more reliable and less dangerous to myself. The damage is still high enough to make it effective.

Big Boom Blaster: Since this is a build that relies heavily on grenades to work properly, the Big Boom Blaster would come in handy to keep the grenade stock from running too low. The rockets are a bonus, since the Nukem has increased ammo consumption. Also, it’s a Torgue shield (even if the skin says it’s Dahl), so it goes along with the allegiance theme.

Legendary Engineer: The main reason I’ve chosen this as the class mod for this build are its bonuses to turret skills like Sentry and Resourceful, so I can spec just one point into both of them and still have them maxed out. It frees up a total of 8 points to be spent on damage and survival skills. Plus, it has a +5 bonus to Battlefront and a generous cooldown rate bonus, all of which are great for this build.

Torgue Allegiance relic: Torgue weapons have a few drawbacks, like slow projectile speed, low fire rate and abysmal reload time. A Torgue allegiance relic with boosts to fire rate and magazine size would help a little with two of those.

Explosive Damage relic: I’d stick to the fire rate and magazine size bonuses from the Torgue allegiance relic most of the time, as they would improve considerably the overall performance of nearly all of the weapons in my loadout, but it would be nice to keep this in my backpack for a damage increase when needed.

Blood of the Ancients: Almost every weapon I’ll be using has considerably increased ammo consumption. This could be a problem in certain areas where enemies are tough and ammo crates are scarce. A Blood of the Ancients that increases pistol, shotgun or assault rifle ammo capacity could be a solution to that. The health increase is just a plus that regular stockpile relics don’t have.

NOTE: I won’t be using the Swordsplosion. I didn’t forget about it, this is a conscious decision. I know it’s a great gun and fairly easy to get, but I don’t see myself using it a lot. I want to keep this a pure, straightforward Torgue theme. Rockets, grenades and explosions. So no guns that shoot swords, even if they explode on contact.




1/5 Sentry: Keeping the turret up will be important because of Battlefront and also because the turret will be the only source of slag. The Legendary Engineer will give me a +5 boost to this skill, so I only need to spend one point in it, just to activate it. It will be at a nice 6/5 after the class mod is equipped.

5/5 Ready: Torgue weapons have pretty slow reload speed, so the 40% bonus from this will do wonders.

5/5 Willing: Shield recharge rate and delay boosts will be very important both for survival and to keep the Big Boom Blaster actively delivering more grenades and rockets.

5/5 Onslaught: Both the gun damage and movement speed are good and it has great synergy with Metal Storm.

1/1 Scorched Earth: More rockets = More explosions = More damage. Mr. Torgue approves this s**t.

5/5 Able: It’s a great survival skill that will get even better after the Legendary Engineer takes it to 10/5. I really wanna make this build as tanky as possible without taking any points away from the more essential damage skills.

5/5 Grenadier: The playstyle for this build depends a lot on using singularity grenades to group enemies together, so being able to carry five more would make sure that I don’t run out of them too often.

1/1 Double Up: The turret becomes a source of slag. It will be out on the battlefield most of the time anyway for Battlefront and the extra rockets from Scorched Earth, so it might as well do some slagging.


5/5 Impact: A decent gun damage boost that will become a great gun damage boost after the Legendary Engineer is equipped and takes it to 10/5.

5/5 Metal Storm: Torgue weapons generally have a pretty low fire rate, so the occasional boost from this skill will be nice.

5/5 Steady: Boosts grenade and rocket launcher damage. Mr. Torgue approves this s**t.

1/1 Longbow: Useful to strategically deploy the turret from a distance and the health bonus for it will extend its duration, which is good to keep Battlefront active.

5/5 Battlefront: Boosts gun and grenade damage. With the Legendary Engineer it would go up to 10/5. I think I know someone who would approve this s**t.

1/1 Do or Die: Even more grenade and rocket launcher damage boosts. It will make getting second winds a lot easier when enemies seem to vanish or go into hiding right after bringing you down. I approve this s**t.


5/5 Preparation: I’m used to relying on the health regen from it on all of my builds and I like it a lot. I’m giving up on Grit for this build and I’m not using Moxxi weapons or grenades to heal, so I’m taking this to keep my health up.

5/5 Pressure: Both reload speed and recharge delay boosts are very useful for this build.

5/5 Quick Charge: Good for keeping shields up and it also does a pretty good job of canceling DoT.

1/5 Resourceful: Like Sentry, the Legendary Engineer will make sure this skill is maxed out, so we only need to put one point into it to activate it. The Legendary Engineer will also give an extra cooldown rate bonus on top of it, so there really is no need at all to put more than one point into this.

1/1 Mag-Lock: Like Longbow, it’s here to give me more options on where to place the turret strategically on the field.

That’s it. That’s my plan. Does anyone here have any advice, tips or criticism they might wanna share? Any mistakes I didn’t notice or things I might have missed? Thanks in advance for any input on this.


looks good! but i do suggest using a slag transfusion. they slag stuff when your turret is on cooldown and chances are, when your turret is cooling down, you’re going to want those transfusion trails.
also, i would personally put a point from quick charge (or some other skill) into phalanx shield, if you’re using your turret to slag and have all those points into turret-related skills, like battlefront, why not increase its survivability?

I feel that a lot of the skills I’ve picked already give me pretty good survivability, so I don’t think I’d need any Moxxi weapons or healing grenades. I’m pretty confident this is a tanky build, even without any points in Grit. Now, a single turret being the only source of slag, that’s what I’m not so sure about. I need to playtest it a little bit to make sure of it. If I find out I need more slag, I might include a Magic Missile in there just for slagging purposes. I’m willing to be more lenient with the grenades I’m using with this build than with the weapons, but if I can avoid any other source of slag and still manage to make it work, that’s what I’m aiming for. Concerning the phalanx shield, I actually did consider moving a point from Quick Charge into it. I wanna try this out without it first, but I think there’s a chance I might do exactly as you suggested.

Thanks for the input. Much appreciated.

i find that this is more what i was going at. another source of slag (for me, its a slagga and transfusion) is really nice.

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The only thing that I can suggest is the Gunner COM, but your spec is already built towards the Legendary Engineer. It’s the best COM to explosive builds when we talk about damage output but I personally like how the Gunner backs up some of Torgue weak points (fire rate and recoil).
Also, I think you can do it with only one Turret slagging. Just try to do some deploy managent, puting the Turret in places where it can hit the majority of the crowd - Mag-Locks helps a lot with it.
Your gear is already top gear, so there is nothing to add. Good luck with it! :smile:

Technically Grenadier does slightly more on a bodyshot but Engie does better on crits and is better for guns like the KerBlaster which have multiple types of splash damage.

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Does it? I thought that Battlefront boosts were a lot better as they boost the same damage two times while the Grenadier COM only boosts the splash damage.

I feel the Engineer gives me more options all around. I want this to be as tanky as possible and I really want to take advantage of the survival skills without giving up on some grenade damage. Plus, since the turret will have multiple tasks to perform, it would be nice to give it a few boosts as well. The engineer seems to boost the turret’s performance, gun damage, grenade damage and survivability. Like I said, what made me build this around the Leg. Engineer is that the boosts to Sentry and Resourceful free up a lot of points for the other skills and it still gives me a nice +5 bonus to Battlefront. With the Engineer, I can have all of the most important survival, reload speed and turret skills maxed out and still have Battlefront at 10/5, Steady at 5/5, Impact at 10/5 and pick up Do or Die as a bonus. I feel having Metal Storm maxed out and a decent Torgue allegiance relic should have the fire rate issues covered most of the time. I’m more worried about completely ignoring the weapon swap speed boost from Expertise than the fire rate and recoil.

Concerning using only the turret for slag, your words fill me with confidence, as the strategy you suggested is exactly what I’m going for. I rewatched some of MOLMF’s videos that inspired me to try this one and I’m really starting to believe the slag from the turret should be enough. Plus, I’ll have the Harold to cover me against unslagged enemies.

For this I’ll use Impact, Battlefront, Steady, Onslaught and Do or Die, and a run of the mill Torgue pistol with 100% splash.

Without COMs the current bonus is +80% gun damage and +65% grenade damage. This results in:

1.8 + (1.8 * 1.65) = 4.77

Leg. Engineer adds 5 to Impact and Battlefront giving +50% gun damage and +30% grenade damage, resulting in:

2.3 + (2.3 * 1.95) = 6.785

An Impact Grenadier with 6 to Impact and 5 to Steady gives +24% gun damage and up to +72% grenade damage, which results in:

2.04 + (2.04 * 2.37) = 6.8748

Finally, an Expert Grenadier with 6 in Steady and 5 in Impact gives up to 20% gun damage and +77% grenade damage, resulting in:

2 + (2 * 2.42) = 6.84

So on a bodyshot and with Onslaught active, both Grenadiers will outdamage the Engie. However, the Engie’s higher gun damage will let it do more on a crit, and it will also do more if Onslaught is not active. I still use Engie anyway though for reasons stated in my own build guide.

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The usually splash isnt 80% for Torgue?

That’s Maliwan pistols (iirc), not Torgue. Torgue ARs have 90% but pistols and shotguns have 100%. Doesn’t really matter though; even with a reduced splash bonus the outcome regarding damage tiers remain the same.

I forget where the source was, but IIRC, the Harold gets 100% on the center pellet, 70% from the rest of the spread. I may be mistaken.

That is correct. I was using a regular Torgue pistol for the calculations though, although using a Harold instead would’ve made things slightly more complicated.

This will be interesting to test out. Haven’t really touched my Axton since I leveled him (mostly a gun mule at this point).

Maybe I found a use for some of my Torgue Tokens. :slight_smile: ( I don’t keep either a Flakker or Kerblaster on any of my characters)

Thanks for the work.

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I used a Torgue build a long time ago on Axton but unlike the Engineer route I went with a far more aggressive Legendary Ranger setup which was pretty much a “quick and the dead” build.

Couple items you might want to consider @anon13808724:

The Tunguska rocket launcher has a larger blast radius than the Nukem and while it does less damage on the card it does more if you hit your target with the missile itself before it rises up and explodes. Have read it gets goofy with air units but never had that problem when I used it. The blast radius is quite large and I think only the Norfleet can cover more ground than the Tunguska.

For ranged assault rifle combat the Seeker is quite effective and is the closest to a “fire and forget” weapon that you can get. It does not do as much damage as the Kerblaster or Ogre but at significant range the shots will home in on targets and is not quite the ammo hog.

Just like the Tunguska the Meteor Shower has ridiculous ground cover, however if you are able to throw it into a cramped area it will do a serious amount of damage. I have been able to heavily damage if not straight up kill the scripted UBA loader in WEP with only a few throws without slag. Against weaker enemies it will utterly gut them but like the Tunguska you can frag yourself if you are not careful.

I have not used it but I would give the Carnage pearlescent shotgun a go. Since it is made by Torgue and shoots rockets, why not anyways?

Otherwise it looks solid. Too bad Gearbox didn’t release an explosive oriented legendary COM.

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the carnage is great for small enemies, but not so much for big baddies. also, the seeker is really not that good. at range, i tend to get better results with a kerblaster at range and it is WAY out classed by an ogre at close range. in my opinion a topneaa is also a good launcher for panicking. it breaks your torgue lineup, but with a kill skill, it feels just like blast master brick with the spread destructor, and its got fantastic ground cover and ammo efficiency.

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Carnage doesn’t get grenade or launcher damage so it’s more meh on Axton than other shotguns as a result.

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yeah, but the base damage powers through. best shotty for explosive axton is the swordsplosion, for sure, but it can put you down if your not careful.

It’s still inferior to Ravager and Swordsplosion, both of which have higher base damage, can crit and get grenade damage (although for Swordsplosion it’s only the child swords that get it). I love the Carnage (Tunguska too) but I do wish it worked better for Axton.

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I’ve considered using both the Tunguska and the Meteor Shower. I think I might even have a Tunguska stored in the bank. I used it for a while on a different build. I actually really like it, but like you said, I’ve downed myself too many times with it during that time. It would take a little practice to master. It’s the same thing with the Meteor Shower. While I certainly respect its huge damage potential, I feel the Bonus Package is a little more manageable. It’s just a backup grenade anyway, since I’ll be using the Quasar most of the time. Once I’m more confident with this build I might swap the Nukem and the Bonus Package for a Tunguska and a Meteor Shower just to see how it goes.

I really wanna try the Seeker. I’ve heard bad things about it, but it actually looks interesting. I’ll probably try it myself to form an opinion on it once I’m comfortable with the build. I’ll most certainly give it a go on the “Magic of Childhood” mission in TTAODK. The homing rockets really seem like they’d be useful there.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Thank you. The fact that nobody so far has pointed out any big problems with the spec itself is filling me with confidence. I feel the same about the lack of a legendary explosive COM. It’s really weird that they didn’t make one for Axton.

That’s what we’re here for! :+1: