Man i love this game now

really do

my friends play it now and comment this is fun!’ instead of what I heard a month before


The winter update (and continues adjustments and new game modes) say a lot about Gearbox, right?


I had just gone back and warmed up Borderlands 2, and was getting warmed back up in another game (non-GBX game, so I won’t name it here), when the WU and two new ops and Beatrix all conspired to draw me back into Battleborn.

Now, I’m a mostly PvE campaigner type. COOP is nice, but I mostly fly solo. Still, the PvP stuff is part of the game, it’s pretty much required for some of the lore challenges, and I actually enjoy Incursion and Meltdown. Really, I do. So Bots Battle has been a BIG hit with me. And get this: I had no problems with queue times all day Sunday, and most of Saturday evening, this past weekend, ON PC! Nice.

The daily quests? GREAT STUFF! I mean, earning Platinum for playing a game I was gonna play anyhow? RIGHTEOUS! And each daily quest helps me focus on something in particular, and I learn a little something more each time. Makes me all happy and stuff.

The new ops are swell. There’ve been a few complaints on the Demon Bear one, and I can’t disagree with them. Nonetheless, it’s fun and I love having more of the characters’ interactions going on. The Oscar Mike one was pretty fun, too.

And Bea-Bea? <3 She does well in solo PvE, but I think her kit is wicked for PvP (to include Bots; basically the PvP modes whether against bots or other players). Earned her lore legendary over the weekend, which made my inner completionist happy.

TL;DR- WU and some other content brought me back to Solus. No regrets!


Battleborn is amazing. I kinda regret when i stopped playing this game for a few months because of my discontent towards the Incursion and CR hidden changes.

If it wasn’t for the couple of in-game friends (and strangers that knew me) that kept trying to convince me to give the game another chance, I would be missing out all this fun!