Man I missed needing to have skill in a game, thank you gearbox

Ive been playing Titanfall and dont get me wrong, the game’s great BUT
I miss needing to cooporate with a team and fight for a greater good. I just ran head first into a pendles to scare him away from my healer and in turn i got a good ol healin
Man i miss this


The difference is in TTK, when everyone dies in 2 seconds, life is cheap and skill is one dimensional.

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Yeah, I definitely like having a more teamwork-focused game that isn’t Dota or League around. It’s great.

Well at least titanfall 2 actually can utilise team coordination, and good job protecting your healer

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Yeah I get this in Battlefield 1 because you can solo carry those games with 1-3 people played right.

Now if I want team work I usually end up on OW because no one will play BB.

I really like Titan fall 2. I still think the TTK is too low.
It betrays what could be some exciting traversal driven firefights and turns it into a camp fest. You’re punished pretty hard for getting fancy with wall walking.

I’ve always found moving a lot is better, but yeah I would not mind higher TTK