Man, Nisha is tiring!

just finished UVHM with jack so I started with Nisha , it’s been a while since I finished TVHM, I’d forgotten how damn tiring she can be to play…

It’s pretty much full on … Not that it’s a bad thinG but I suspect I won’t be pulling any 4 hour sessions any time soon

With Jack you can pretty much sit back and let the digi jacks do most of he hard work …

I agree. I started with the enforcer and got him to level 20. The tried nisha and loved her. I played online and enjoyed the abilities. I lost internet for a few days and my wife and I played split screen in my game as a low level enforcer and my level 25 nisha. We played in my true vault hunter new game and struggled. Had to go back to my completed game to level up. Im now level 30 nisha and have been struggling playing solo tvm. Feel free to add me (tiddlymeat6 on XBL) if you wanted to play together.

Are you guys having problem playing Nisha?

Funny, as most of the negative comments we hear about her is how Little you have to do and how easy she makes the game.

Maybe you have sub-par builds and gear ?

No chuck you miss understood… It’s physically tiring, with Jack a lot of the work can be done with the action skills, with Nisha it’s constant action, click click click… :wink:

Jack and wilhelm have the pets , Nisha just has her guns and the player has to make every kill… I used to be able to go look for loot while the wet work was done for me a lot of the time…

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Just be careful to avoid Jakob’s Cramp. My poor fingers. :wink:


This needs to be a thing!

“I got Jakobs’ cramp”
“Poor you!”

Sounds much better than “Carpal tunnel syndrome”


That’s exactly what I have :slight_smile: actually swapped from a Maggie to a t4sr at one point to give myself a break :slight_smile:

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Jakob’s. This will hurt me more than you!


Do you know what’s even more tiring? Clearing a mob in showdown only to find that there are 2 badasses left and they are using Nisha like a pair of hunting dogs with a rabbit!

That’s why you activate showdown and then look at the minimap. Trying to keep up with her aimbot can be confusing and then what you described happens. Better to watch the minimap for red dots.

Playing Nisha with Jakobs is tiring. I suggest getting a good laser and then watching all enemies lose their health like really fast loading bars.

I prefer non jakobs guns because I’d rather not click for every shot.

YEah, she’s… quite tiring.

I find Nisha to be a beast. I only get tired of killing things with her :smile:

jacobs shotty. just flick left joystick back and forth, she tags everything and then the explosive finale kills everything. it’ll work with any gun really.

I’m currently on my all-toons-to-70 quest. Having levelled Wilhelm, Claptrap and Athena to the max I decided to try Nisha.

Man…after struggling a little bit on TVHM I did an in-depth analysis of her skills, transfered some equipment from other toons and was absolutely paralysed by the fact how overpowered she can be. She destroys everything in seconds. It doesn’t matter if it’s a badass or a regulat enemy. She decimates them without probs. Now I know who will provide the rest of my chars with lvl 70 loot.

She’s a DPS monster really.
For that reason alone I restricted myself to the Moonface and Skullmasher.
Anything non-badass still dies way too easily though.

Likewise, I restricted myself to not using action skill at all. Even at Holodome BA round.