Man screw running crit on Whiskey - Just go full attack speed baby!

Man I been debating and trying different ways to make Whiskey not suck as bad and what i’ve found that works the best is ATTACK SPEED ATTACK SPEED ATTACK SPEED! It really is becoing the meta for this game, and Whiskey benefits soooooo MUCH from it. The reason why is that 3/4 of his kit is effected by it. Scrap shot, regualr damage, and his ultimate is all effected by attack speed. It even makes the velocity of his bullets closer to gether for tigheter burst damage, making bullets traveling so close tothergeter you are almost garunteed to get two criticals! Don’t believe, check this video of me running a high attack speed build!

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I run WF with reload speed and attack speed. With my gear, all up I get around 20% reload speed, 20% attack speed, and 9% attack dmg… I also go with duct tape mags for the +60% reload speed every other reload. Faster reload speed + attack speed = MOAR DPS!


I run something similar, it’s about 3-% attack speed (WF legendary really helps!) 30% reload and 9% damage as it seems the base damage scales his crit also, but i’m not sure yet. I use the faster reload as when I choose 4 round burst it seems the attack speed gets set as teh velocity of each bullet slows down to try and keep the spread the same. Reload speed also gets me the legendary effect faster if I died or prematurely reload sometimes.

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No i’m pretty sure I have it right. Velocity = speed in which case the speed of the bullets leaving the gun are faster giving it a closer burst spread instead of bullet damage being more spread out. Even in the video clip you can hear the audible of each bullet hitting being faster to show the difference

I’m using the Vyn’s Quiver legendary with reload speed, attack speed, and a slow on enemies every 10 seconds. I haven’t got WF’s legendary yet, although I’ve heard it’s damned good.

He’s using velocity for RoF, bullets per second.

The usage of the word velocity is incorrect because a bullet isn’t a unit of length.

Ohhhhhh ok cause I was thinking the speed at which the bullets leave the gun as velocity. ya know, like the initial speed of it. They really should make a word for that, initial, something or other word that hasn’t been described for that reason yet.

Just got this today! I been using electric sticky lately and I must say it does way more damage than tripile sticky sicne the three pulls don’t stack. Unless i’m playing straight small hitboxed characters (melka, alani, ambra, orendi, etc) i’m gonna go with it as it has been giving me the most damage so far with slow helix.

Also being behind toby’s shield with my speed build is just insane! If he gets the health regeneration shield that is. I was bursting so fast it felt like my finger couldn’t even keep up lol. I got vid of the match but i’m not sure if I got the parts where I was with Toby.

I’m well aware he’s wrong.

If a gun fires a bullet at 10 mph and then fires another bullet 10 seconds latter increase the rate of fire so that second bullet is fired 5 seconds later doesn’t change that the bullet is still fired at 10 mph. It’s called firing interval or rate of fire the speed of the bullet is unaffected by the rate of fire of the gun.

The explosion damages do stack.

Crits are finicky in this game. Full on attack speed on Whiskey is an absolute neccesity.
He really kind of shines close up hipfire quickfiring nades and scrap.