Man, these loading times cripple farming on console

Even with the 100% drop rates, the shear multitude of drops is still pretty daunting(anointment, element, variant, parts etc), especially on console when you are looking at roughly 90% downtime of just loading screens. It totally kills the vibe of the entire game. With Zane to most bosses it takes me roughly 5-10 seconds to run to boss (depending obviously) another 10 seconds or so to kill said boss (if they don’t have immunity cancer) and then like 50-65 seconds or so of quitting, loading to do it again. It’s brutally unfun. No clue how anyone has the patience for this style of farming.


This is why I don’t really farm anymore. Between the load times and level cap raises every couple months I feel like I’m making zero progress in this game.


The loading times are the heart of the problem. If they weren’t so insanely awful getting those good rolled weapons again wouldn’t be quite as bad (Still bad, but tolerable) IMHO. I really think Borderland is just going to be one of those games that I just quit playing because it’s optimized so badly for console. PC guys with the load times and save files really don’t know how insanely good they have it. It’s not even the same experience :confused:

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Yeah I’ll probably be moving over to pc for the next one. Between what you said and being able to play mod packs it’s the better choice

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I’ve been looking for a specific Deathless artifact for my Moze so I’m farming the Phoenix on Pandora. I’ve used a stopwatch to record my loading and kill times and currently it takes over 2 minutes to get a single kill (1:10-1:20 on average for loading times). The Phoenix has 3 dedicated drops, so it’s only a 33% chance to get a Deathless. Once you factor in the particular prefix and the one passive I’m looking for, the chances of obtaining what I want are… not good. I really thought this event would reignite my interest in the game because I might finally be able to farm some awesome items, but it just doesn’t seem probable once I do the math. And I’m not looking for a perfect triple-passive God roll, I just want a Deathless with a specific prefix and one particular passive. I like to farm for my items in Borderlands games but every single thing I want in this game ends up being like grinding for a 94% Sham.

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I’m 1000% with you. I thought this event was going to be awesome. Turns out it’s the literal complete opposite. It just further proved how impossible getting something specific is. Sntl 100 stuff for Zane HAS to be the rarest drops in the game as far as weapon anoints lol ASA and consecutive hits are my fallbacks and I still don’t get those very much either lol

I killed Kritchy 150 times during this event trying to get a Masher Clairvoyance for my Fade Away Fl4k. It never dropped a single Masher, let alone one with a decent anoint. And you’re guaranteed to get a Clairvoyance every single kill. I’ll probably just go back to not playing once this event is over. I admit it sparked my interest because I figured grinding would finally be doable on console but the more I play the more I’m reminded why I quit in the first place. Suppose that’s what I get for playing on Xbox.

It’s just weird because I don’t feel my standards are very high when it comes to gear. I don’t play on M10 precisely because I don’t want to farm for perfect items, I just want to be able to make due with less optimal gear that’s still pretty good. But whenever I grind for stuff it just goes nowhere and I end up feeling defeated. Never had that problem in Borderlands 2 and that game had much rarer legendaries.


The absolute worst thing you can do in BL3 is look for something specific lol


An easy fix is to make all enemies have 1,000,000x the health, armor, and shields. Then you won’t spent most of your time loading it’ll be killing the boss. (Sarcasm)
But it might be because I’m so used to bl2 farming that the reload doesn’t feel too bad.

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Bl2 load times are far, far faster than BL3. Especially with the Handsome collection on Xbone. But honestly I’d be down if you could pick the amount of health the bosses have in exchange for a more favorable chance to get the precise item you want. I’d much rather fight a boss once for 10 minutes straight and get my item than 200 times for 10 seconds each plus load times :confused:

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This is just mayhem mode with less steps lol

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Idk I guess its just hard for me to grip about load times when I’m on console. If I really saw it as my main issue with games I’d move to pc.

Don’t forget if you want more than 1 dedicated drop then we need at least every very hard modifier on at once.

Kinda seems like you’re intentionally missing the point because you don’t like it. Nobody on this thread said their main issue “with games” on console are loading times. It’s about this one game in particular and how the save/quit farming meta is severely negatively impacted by those loading times. This game has been criticized endlessly by fans of the franchise for its approach to loot, which makes desirable items much rarer than previous games. Maybe you disagree with that but it’s been said countless times so I think it’s plausible to entertain the assertion for this thread’s purposes. So when someone brings up a legitimate point about the loading times amplifying the already impressive item grinds all you can say is “haha stop complaining and buy a PC.” Wow… what an insightful and mature response


I was being broad as a way of making it seem more relatable.
If you want to be specific that this game has bad load times then my statements still stand.
People may dislike how you farm a single enemy then farm multiple bosses. Move around the game world and kill more bossed and repeat.

Efficiency is everything to me when farming specific gear and most bosses don’t have fast travels right before them, only save points. So save quit farming even with ■■■■■■ load times is faster than running through the map every time


The main gripe I have about it beyond loading times is that like many other aspects of BL3 they feel like they are from 10-15 years ago. I mean they don’t just feel that way, they are. With all the time BL3 took, I expected more efficiency in how they went about doing things.
Almost every other RPG has some sort of other currency/crafting option to at least give you another 1% chance at getting something. It doesn’t seem like much on paper, but at least it’s something. I even think Destiny SLOWLY increases your chances of getting an item the more you do something right? The only thing BL3 truly updated was your bullets going where you aim for the most part and I mean that seems kind of expected beyond even noteworthy. We got better accuracy and mantling. Everything else is circa 2009 :confused:

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Yeah, at this point farming stuff on console you basically spend more time looking at loading screens than actually playing the game.


Spent 1 1/2 farming backburners while watching a movie. 3 dropped, only 1 with an anointment I would use. (Sub 30 second kills much longer loading)


I stopped playing for about 4 months and now I’m back. I realized that I just have fun with leveling Charakters and push them a bit in the direction of M10. Moze was really fun to level and I had no problems to push her from M4 to M10 in a few hours. She basically need one gun and one class mod. My fl4k who I played by far the most isn’t capable of killing a few mobs on M10. I remember being good with ASE 50 and ASE 100 Maggie on him. With moze I found a “While skill active 200 weapon damage” and I thought YES… But actually no… With gamma burst active it tickles. So I can’t play my main atm because I don’t know all the new annointments.

Ah sorry… Back to topic… I hope that the game gets much better loading times with the new consoles. They had to be… This is pure madness atm. Like I said my moze kills every farmable boss in few seconds but the loading times are always the same.