Man, wth is happening

Like, my game is just f***** up, my planet percentage is f***** up after this patch and I’m literally lose all my skins with no reason, if this isn’t enough, Im not earning any achievement, man

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Welcome to Betalands 3

They said the game would become better, but instead, it got beta.


Dang. :dizzy_face: Which platform?

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Sadly welcome to the world of being an unpaid beta tester for GBX. Maybe reinstall the game and go from there but other than that all I can advise you to do is submit a ticket. There are a few moderators though on this forum that do help so you might want to PM one of them as well and see what they can do.

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Calm down, curb your profanity and contact tech support. That’s the 3 basic rules of “my game got messed up”

Please post in the tech support section relevant to your platform - ta muchly!