Managing Bank Space (Or, Help Me I'm Drowning!)

So, up until now I haven’t had to worry about bank space; but with the Uber-Lootpocalypse I am officially over capacity and without a single duplicate item to sell. I searched for a thread dealing with this issue, but couldn’t find one, so I figured I’d start this to get some ideas and feedback for myself and the other hoarders out there who could use some moral support.

If there’s already a good place for this discussion, feel free to delete this or merge. If you want to not read this entire post, just look at the bolded sentences. Thanks.

Basically, what do you do to keep your bank load under or at the cap? Do you have any basic rules of thumb for what to keep or sell? Are there any zero cost pieces that aren’t shard generators that you think are worth the extra space? Do you keep or sell based on your main characters? Or do you try to have a diversified stash for whatever strikes your fancy?

I cringe at selling legendaries, because I’m a digital hoarder, but there are at least few whose tertiary effect I will never find worth the extra shards, so I might sell those. What are your thoughts on other tiers of gear (epic, rare, common) and the pros and cons of having multiple kinds of red-text items?

I know I could run through this all with a fine toothed comb and make some cost-benefit choices, but the thoughts of “well, it might be useful in this case” are hindering me, so I figured crowdsourcing this would be easier.

Also, @Jythri, thanks for the extra bank space recently… Moar please? Lol.

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Need some help with this too, space was never an issue but had to buy another 40 slots (at 120 now)

Other obvious things I’ve already done to help myself:

Only ever have one faction’s common gear for a specific type. No need to have a 5 commons that all do the same thing but look different.

Slowly learning which secondary effects from which factions I’m likely never going to want to use for a specific gear type, and selling those.

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I don’t sell any legendaries, dupes or otherwise, if only because it allows me to track drop rates (with evidence). I do, however, sell pretty much anything that isn’t a legendary, with the exception of a few zero cost shard generators (my only whites), a couple excellent blues (skill + skill on crit; crit + crit on crit), and a couple excellent purples with stat combinations I don’t have access to via legendaries (+heal rec +attack power; Boldur’s has that combo, but it’s not max because lore legendaries don’t… for some reason).

Of course, I can generally manage this because I’m a almost exclusively PvE based (the only times I go into PvP are to work on PvP lore challenges) so I don’t really need a stable of cheap activation gear.

To give you a general idea of what my bank looks like, I’ve got 158 legendaries (58 unique legendaries; for 3 of those legendaries, I’ve got 10+ copies; “even chance for all drops from a boss” my ass), 3 epics, 2 rares, and 2 commons. I’ve also got all of the bank space purchased so I’ve got 279 spaces available.

Basically, the only things I hoard are legendaries. Everything else, I only keep if I have a very good reason to keep it.

If there was anything to learn from this patch, it’s that Gearbox can and will change stats/effects of legendaries at will, so selling even the most lackluster of those would make me rethink my decisions and full me with regret.

As far as gear goes for myself, I keep things that are practical for my use and playstyle. There are complete sets that I will never see myself using, so unless it’s a good rare or better, it’s sold. Secondly, I used to keep a bunch of whites and greens for capture, but since that mode has died off and incursion/meltdown are the popular places, I’ve trashed all but my zero-cost shard gens. For everything else, its all about dem stats, baby!

I don’t know, I could go on and on about how I classify and keep gear for myself, but that would be too much work. Just try and keep things practical. If there are pieces that I just don’t use at all or don’t seem situationally worth it, they turn to credits.

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I’ve just sold all my white, green, blue stuff and all duplicated legendaries, I only keep legendaries and epic… this is how you can have enough space

@Kitru - “Unfortunately” I play both PvE and PvP, but I have noticed I prefer the types of non-legendaries you mention. That and purples that give me better buffs than legendaries when I don’t feel I need the tertiary effect.

@jtmhavoc - that’s a good point about the legendary patches. So selling non-dupe leggies is off the table again.

@tbawin - Haha, that’s a fair point! I am wondering if uncommons (greens) are worth keeping at all… Like was mentioned above, I don’t play capture, so I should generally have time to activate blues. And getting rid of most uncommon a would give me room to hold on to some of the red-text blues/purps I’m still on the fence about…

Thanks for the input so far everyone.

Now to try and pull the trigger… Maybe I should just load up on benzos before clearing space? God I hate my brain (sometimes).

Sell commons that are the same, flawed with minus cooldown, health, damage reduction, or movement speed, and greens with useless conditions, like increased shield regen after buying a buildable.

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I pretty much consider uncommons terrible, except a few like +attack speed on melee hit, as those can basically just be cheaper epics.

I do all those except the damage reduction. I had been meaning to do the math on when the increased damage output or health outweighs the DR, but, thinking about it now, it’s probably not worth it. I think I have like 5 -DRs I can go sell right now without the need for anxiolytics.

Edit: No autocorrect when a word is appended by asterisks, apparently.

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I have the same hoarding streak, and from time to time I struggle with keeping things in check as well. But Lately I’ve found a method for me that works, though it requires a bit of thinking.

I keep one max statted version of each type and any max statted flawed ones in which the flaw doesn’t affect a lot of characters. Anything else goes out the window immediately.

Again, max stats are a must. I also get rid of any conditions that are hard to meet, unreliable or just plain useless. Flawed versions are situational and need to be weighed on both the item’s primary/secondary stat and overall effect.

Some secondary effects are actually useful to have on a condition though, like increased attack speed on melee hit for melees or increased healing received after taking health damage for tanks. These kinds of gear are must keeps for me.

I find very few rares to be actually worth it to keep (though I have more than I like to admit :'D). Where uncommons have the benefit of flexibility for a condition, rares have not. The only ones that are really worth it for me are those that tangibly increase their effects. However, this is subjective and requires some experimentation.

Here’s where I compare my epics to my uncommons. If I have an uncommon that offers the same stats with a reliable, easy or naturally useful trigger, I sell the epic version. The 310 shard drop in activation cost is too big to pass up. I also tend to get rid of secondary stats that are only useful in specific or niche situations. Movement speed is always useful for example, CC reduction I find lackluster at best.

I’m very simple with this: I keep the best statted version of each version that I find. Duplicates I sell and that’s it.

Other things
I’ve found I never use CC reduction, so I tend to sell all of them. Same goes for shield recharge delay, as I’ve found that the characters that rely on shields have ways to instantly trigger a recharge.

Hope this helps you a bit!


Dang, and I thought I was a hoarder. If you don’t even sell duplicates then you got it bad bruh lol.

I handle my gear by the stats. If the numbers aren’t good then I delete it. No point in keeping purple gear with +8.10 attack damage and +7 healing received if I have white gear with a flat +9.80 attack damage especially if all I’m looking for is attack damage gear. The only exception to this rule is the gold gear but even then, I delete duplicate gold pieces with lower stats.

I usually have two sets of green, blue, and white gear. The ones I use for the Jenneret, Rouge, UPR, and LLC characters I play as, then there’s the green, blue, and white gear I collect (mainly but not always) for my Eldrid characters.

I collect every gear type and I currently sit at about 85/119 inventory space. But I fear that as I find more and more legendary gear, I’ll eventually have to make more room.

Not sure who this was referring to, but just to be clear, I don’t keep duplicates. I sell the worse duplicate of the two.

Thanks everybody for the feedback. Hopefully more people than me will find it useful.

I ended up selling about 100 pieces. (Didn’t even need a clonazepam!)

Of course, Über-Lootpocalypse is upon us, and I’ve been grinding out missions like a madman, so I’m back to being ten away from capacity :stuck_out_tongue: It’s okay though, most of those will be gone when I get around to it tomorrow.

Thanks again!

I have only sold three legendaries, but the rule of thumb is that I keep a maximum of four “types” each. I just have to be brutal and it does me really well. I also don’t use second shield delays, so I only have two – Intermittent Angel and a rare gear item – for keepsake.

I really hate inventory management so I sell a lot of stuff even if its not total crap. Trying to keep the bank as empty as possible.
I mostly use common, uncommon and rare gear. Sometimes epics and legendaries. I usually only keep a few commons of one type, I try to search for max stats with a debuff that works for most characters.

I usually sell all of these automatically;

  • All shard generator gear that costs more than 0.
  • All -CC items
  • All gear with “After killing a player or major enemy” “After collecting a pickup” “After destroying/building a buildable” “After recovering from CC effects” activation pre-requisites
  • Most -Max Health gear
  • +Buildable Cost Debuff items.

In general I don’t really like the debuffs on UPR items so I usually sell those. Same applies for Rogue Debuffs.

Some Gear I don’t usually keep, but might;

  • -Healing received
  • -Attack speed (For Thorn or Toby, perhaps?)
  • -Attack/Skill Damage (Usually not a huge impact, for healers very good. Definitely not for Orendi)
  • -Movement/Run Speed (For characters with escape skills, maybe)

Then there are Gear pieces that I just don’t happen to like, even if the buffs/debuffs are usable.

Keep legendaries and get rid of items that have similar stats to other items or are just lackluster. That or buy more pages.

I sell all my whites, any mods with negative abilities and doubles. Since one mod can be used in different builds there’s no point in keeping doubles of any color.

With an exception for legendaries, I try to limit myself to no more than 4 of each type of gear regardless of rarity. I’m constantly swapping them around for different variations, but I’m always on the look out for epics with negative stats to replace my favorite blues and greens.

I find that limiting myself to no more than 4 of each really helps me manage my space.