Managing Salspectations

God bless Salvador. I’ve been messing around with him at OP3, and he’s simply a blast to play. A double blast, even.

That said, either he’s not perfect or I’m not. (Non-exclusive or.) A couple of questions:

  • After just a few moments holding the mouse buttons down while gunzerking, I can’t see a damned thing - too much smoke! Is there any way to lessen the effect so I can keep Keep Firing up?
  • Rats and scavengers and twitchy enemies in general are buttholes. Maya laughs at them, of course, but with Sal it sometimes looks like they manage to dodge between shotgun pellets or Harold blasts. How can I be better at destroying them?

Pretty sure it is the grog nozzle that contributes too much in the visual pollution. try holding down your main weapon to get boost from keep firing but sparring apply slag via the grog so you can have clear vision.


Pobody’s nerfect. :wink:
As for the visual polution, @nat_zero_six has a point, the Grog makes a lot of pretty pixelated noise, especially when the drunk effect procs. Also, if you’re Unkempt Nozzling the Harold probably isn’t helping much, especially if you’re firing at point blank. Are you on PC? I hear guys on PC talking about PhysX settings adjusting the amount of the aforementioned “visual noise”, maybe that could help. There could be a similar setting on PS4/XBONE, I’m on PS3 and therefore unfamiliar with current-gen console problems. Of course, when you’re painting the field with that much damage vision may be a tad overrated. :smirk:
Speaking of PS3, when I was Unkempt Nozzling there was so much on screen that occasionally my game would hang up, kind of like a DVD or CD with a minor scratch in it. Maybe it’s like that and there’s just so much going on that your machine just shrugs :man_shrugging: and says “maybe he won’t miss a few frames per second.”


Unfortunately not.


Just realized I skipped this question. With the Harold I always just sprayed and prayed, moving the joystick left and right around where the health bar popped up, to essentially carpet bomb the area. I imagine that works for most Torgue armaments with high-for-Torgue fire rates. For shotguns you have to get better at predicting the direction and pivot points of the backpedaling bastids, and lead your target appropriately. I’m not saying “git gud”, I’m saying that when dealing with rushing and backpedaling mob types those are the skills that need to be honed to deal with them effectively. I still pay respawn fees from time to time when faced with enemy types that excel at the 50 meter backpedal. Also, stalkers. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: The fifth ring of hell is populated with backpedalers and stalkers of all types.


Double-your-fun + Singularity grenades should help, no?


Yes. It would help if I remembered to use them :wink:, and if my Quasar wasn’t homing (although I think I have a common singularity with a better delivery somewhere), but that would definitely help. :smile: :acmwink:


Got a Rubi?

It’s perfectly good for Sal. Add Storm Fronts if you want some more buffer healing.


No Rubi at the moment. Maybe I’ll do a reset, but maybe I’ll wait till OP4 and just learn to moderate the Grog Nozzle. Singularity grenades are a great suggestion, too. “Step over here for a moment, O bad guys, if you’d be so kind.” At least the rats/etc. would be stunned for a moment, which is pretty much all it takes.

(In general I forget to use grenades. Silly, huh?)


Looks like it was mostly the Grog Nozzle. By moderating its fire, I was able to run most of Sawtooth Cauldron in a single gunzerk, heh. Permazerk, ho!

Thanks, guys. :slight_smile: