Mandatory changes to make the game playable

  1. Fixes are good but not perfect (last patch)
    Some of the weapons need higher dps boost. There are so many awesome legendaries but because of the DPS they are useless.
    Single shot assault rifles should have two times higher DPS than the automatic rifles because of the low fire rate.
    The patch itself have incorrect values. Some of the weapons get 49 % dps buff but patch say it was 25 % . eeeee ???

  2. ZANE BUFF significantly for dps and party playability
    I mostly play in coop with my brother and friend. (fl4k + Zane + Maze). The truth is that Zane is useless.
    I heared that Zane was nerfed before game launch . Hes need to be buffed significantly.
    In 3-4 coop party he do nothing . Almost invisible dps .
    My brother play on kill skill build and whats a point to play on this if u cant sustain this quick kills ?
    Single player dps is average but in 2,3,4 players everythig is changed.
    Hes got every weapons but because of this feeling ("i’m useless) he stop playing .
    Plz guys make Zane good as other characters .

My fl4k with the same weapon as Zane without any buffs do 5 times higher dps then Zane (without action skill).

  1. Sniper rifles are weak (except Lyuda ) even after buff .
    Who remember Zero from borderlands 2 ? Lyuda ? Pimpernel ?
    whats the point where lyuda ~ 1600 dps with high fire rate and 3 bullets per shot.
    Many legendary sniper rifles have ~1500 Dps but blue sniper rifle have sometimes ~3200 xd ?

    They are not many enemies with armor so corrosive weapons are useless
    Like in B2 moore enemies with armor and shield

  3. Cinematics
    We need to skip those cinematics. “Press Esc to skip” ???

  4. Character progress - the same for every characters
    And the most important . I finish the campaign 3 times.
    If we want to create another character why do we need to complete campaign another 2 times on this new character ???
    What i mean.
    If u create another character u cant play on it because u dont have artifact and class mod slot. WHY ? Its madness.


For those who dont want it . Everyone still can reset the campaign unlimited times and do it again.
So the question Why do we need to do 3,4,5,6,7,8, another campaign just to unlock artifact and class mod slot ??? It should be optional

  1. FARM- boses phases
    After finish true vault hunter and the only thing u want to do is farm boses and mobs why do we need to wait for boss stages ???
    like Tyreen and troy ??? Its should be faster or just possibly skipped after u finish campaign second time.
    One HP bar --> wait wait wait wait — HP bar —> wait wait wait wait—> hp bar —> wait wait wait
    Its good when u want to feel the story but not good after finished it 4 times.

  2. DROP - named
    We need specific drops from specific monsters/ boses like in Borderlands 2

I feel like the creators of B2 was blind . B2 was perfect and many people playing it for today .
They changed the drop system in presequel and it was Crap. No one remember it the presequel .
World drop killed Pre sequel.

  1. World Boses
    We need world boses - really

  2. BANK
    1 bilion guns and 50 slot bank ???
    People create 10 characters to keep they’re items .

Is so that hard to change one string ??? 50 to xxxx ???
Off course we can pay for increase bank size moore size moore money/ eridium. but 50 slots really ?

  1. Guardian ranks turn off . Some builds need it - like 0 shield builds

In general Borderlands 3 should be like Borderlands 2 with little higher drop chances and quality of life improvements.
Sry for my language but I hope someone from gearbox team read our posts and understand why borderlands 2 even now is unbelievable epic game - many streamers still play with b2 and they know why another part - Borderlands the presequel was was rated very poorly by the players.