Mando moze [moze builde guide/video]

WASUP MOZE MAINS!!! I got another build here for ya Mando moze short for mandolorian lol anyway this shows off how you honestly can run 1hp deathless builds for any mode and almost any skill setup as long as u have beskar which makes it the best shield hands down imo.

The damage reduction and recharge rate are insane enough to just keep you alive. Its like it recharges after every kill. Anyway here yall go enjoy

Now if you watched the vid you see I really don’t go down much doing slaughter shaft which is honestly the hardest mobbing situation in the game. Things I go down from are my own names and barrels really.

I think this just shows how amazing beakar is especially on moze and you don’t need bloodletter infact bloodletter could make it worse because the shield recharge reduction

With shield reboot; isnt this the same for every shield?

Correction - Big Surplus is only affecting your gun damage; not “all damage”

Yes with shield reboot thatsbwhat it does but because the shield supplies so much damage reduction and has a extremly high recharge rate its greasy to keep it up there and prevent yourself form going down eveb on mayhem 11. Thats the point I meant to make