Manga / Game Destash Giveaway - if interested in free things

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Searched the Off-topic categories and only found a old topic for comics in general, so hereby I open another, to help with a little problem of mine - overcrowded bookshelves.

I´m a Ex-Otaku and still keep ALOT of comics and stuff, several series I own doubled and three ways, so maybe some of you are interested in getting FREE manga stuff.
I thought about selling on ebay, but what the heck, if someone is happy with it I´m glad^^

Here a list:

  • BERSERK - Kentaro Miura - issue 1-9 (german)

  • BERSERK - Kentaro Miua -issue 1-34 (german)

  • Majin Devil - Oh!Great - issue 2 (german)

  • Alichino - issue 1 (german)

  • Love Hina - issue 1-3 (german)

  • DAISUKI magazine - countless old issues from 2004-2009 (german)

  • METROID-Other M - I´ve no Wii anymore…

  • PlayStation2: StarOcean 3 - Till the end of Time

  • Pokemon mini figures - 1st Generation about 40 different ones (Only choose 1-3, I´m not giving away all at once.)

Will update the list in a few hours, need to search through my stuff^^


Anyone up for trades, exchanges or such? Would love to share some manga-love! :heart:

If interested in any of the list send me a PM! I´ll not give all items to one person though.

This forum doesn’t support any kind of trade of real-life items, I’m afraid.

Ahhh I see - I could´nt find anything related to that in the FAQ yesterday so I thought I just do it.
Would you close the topic for me? I forgot I do´nt have that option >.<