Mania/Hellborn krieg build

Hey guys, I’m replaying BL2 with some friends and I’m really interested in going mania/Hellborn. I know for OP8 and raid bosses that bloodsplosion is the standard but I don’t want to do that. Does anyone have a mania/Hellborn build they can share? I’m a little back and forth on my skills and not sure what gear I should go.


The Community Krieg Guide - All you ever wanted to know This link should have some/all of what you need to inform your decisions moving forward. For better results in terms of advice we’ll ask @VaultHunter101 or another friendly neighborhood mod to move this to the Krieg section. Good luck brother. May your Meat Bicycle be so shiny that it blinds the awed masses.


Start with checking this thread :

The person was at 59 but people gave some level 72 builds.

For gear :

  • Rough Rider and Flame of the Firehawk are standards but I’ve also used a Neogenator.
  • Legendary Torch, purple Power Toast if you’re concentrating on guns ; (Legendary) Sickle if concentrating on melee. Leg Reaper is a good choice too.
  • grenades for stacking and healing : Storm Front, Chain Lightning or Pandemic. Or Fastball for Bloodbath.
  • health relic ( preferably Blood to get shotgun, pistol, AR ammo )
  • guns : I like Omen, Hail, Harold for mobs. Those have splash that can help trigger Bloodbath if you decide to spec Bloodlust. Slagga is my preferred slagger. I like Hyperion shotguns with Salt the Wound (Heartbreaker, Butcher, Interfacer, CC) too but they won’t help with Bloodbath.

For build, you can go strictly Mania/Hellborn or Mania/Hellborn and up Bloodlust to Bloodbath and Bombadier.

The build will depend on what COMs you have.

@Carlton_Slayer runs a Mania/Hellborn. He’ll have some input.


There’s a thread called “What is your favorite build?” where I post the build for all of my characters- here’s the Krieg build:
Shield- FotF
Com- L. Torch
Relic- fire BotA
Grenade- Firestorm
Weapons- Burning Infinity, fire Original Omen, Cutting Slagga and the Community Day Grog Nozzle. This build took me thru OP8 with the only changes being a RR instead of the FotF, a Corrosive Infinity in place of the fire Original Omen and a Storm Front in place of a Firestorm (except on a few occasions where an Explosive Fastball was used in conjunction with a Flesh Crunch mod). Get hold of a shock and corrosive BotA and you’re pretty much good to go…