Maniac Krieg, Rough Rider question (TVHM)

So I got the normal rough rider, the level 30 something version. Currently I’m level 43 in TVHM. Should I start the Hammerlock DLC to get a new one? I’m not sure how big of a difference the health bonus would be. I don’t have too many problems staying alive, but I tend to cut it very close with RtB, generally going from full, to halfish, to 1-3k hp. I just started the mission to go find Brick, and around this point the enemies do get tougher, so I’m wondering if anyone knows if the scaling on a level 44-45ish Rough Rider is a lot higher of an hp bonus. My current hp bonus is 2.7k. I looked online, and the only variant scaling they’re showing, is level 33, 34, then 49+. Thoughts?

If I remember correctly, the damage/capacity seems to double about every 5 levels.

Unfortunately, I hate Hammerlock’s DLC with an immense passion so I don’t spend a lot of time in it. But the variant chart might have an important point. This DLC was meant to be played AFTER beating the main story, hence why there are no variants between 34 and 49 as once you hit TVHM all enemies scale to level 50 in this DLC. Not sure if this is true of all DLC in BL2 (I think TTAODK scales to 50 too but Scarlett and Torgue will scale to your level).

My suggestions, try getting a blue or purple adaptive shield. The capacity and recharge delay will be largely irrelevant but the HP boost at your level will most likely be higher than the rough rider and you’ll get elemental damage resistance too. If you don’t think you’ll want a flame of the firehawk at level 50 you could get it now. It’s a lot of DPS and it might help you sneak in a few extra kills to refill your health.

Here is a variant chart, not ideal but may give you a rough Idea of what to expect:

Rough Rider Variant Chart

Kritchie2023’s math appears spot on though, so it would probably have approximately 4 times the HP your current one does. Probably worth the farm as it’s probably hindering you now.

I think there is some kind of glitch with it also, I have a 72 version and getting in and out of vehicles defaults my health. (After talents and everything I am sitting on like 2.5 million health but when Get out of a vehicle I drop down to my base, as if I took the shield off and put it back on)