Mantis Cannon + Unforgiven is AWESOME Mantis Zane Build

Heya Buddies, since Zane New Skill Tree Recently got added to the game of course I wanted to give it a chance & lord have Zane Mains gotten something amazing added to their kit. Not only did they get an action skill that allows you to point at anything and just deal instant damage you guys finally got something that will allow you to play in ASE Builds ( Golf Clap ). Oh right the build, so at first glance on Zane’s New Skill tree there is a very strong emphasis on Crit damage so I thought why not turn that SH*T to 11 by using a 432 Unforgiven Pistol to further increase Zane’s Crit Game. There are Elements in this build that don’t involve crits so if you don’t prefer that type of gameplay just skim through all the unfavorable parts.

Here is the skill tree build I use: Clicky-Clicky

Click Here for Build Showcase:

Lets Focus on the skill points and why I chose them. Since the Purple Tree was Just released lets focus on that. So as I briefly described in my introduction we are trying to get the most bang for our buck for crit damage because of that we heavily invest points into Headsman’s Hand so we get the maximum bonus at all times from the kill skill, This kill skill gives us 20% more crit damage stacked twice. In game this skill was giving me 25 % stacked twice instead, I’m assuming this was because of the Seein Dead class mod I using. Due to Seein Red & the nature of the skill Mntis Cannon we always have a uptime of 50% bonus crit damage since we are looking to be using Mntis Cannon as our primary source of damage because of the fact that the Unforgiven Pistol itself doesn’t deal good damage. If the conditions are right you can get a Millions or two of damage from the pistol itself but its not a consistent damage dealer so don’t go try living your cowboy fantasies with this build. Sadly there isn’t any other bonus crit damage multiplayers we can get in Zanes Tree so that is where this paper trail ends but there are other significant points that help increase our gun damage overall in the purple tree like: Commitment . Not only does it give us a huge boost to our damage it also increase our action skill cooldown rate which allows us to keep shooting this heavenly laser cannon our favorite boyo got. When in Combat I find myself never running out of charges as long I play nice and try to only use the cannon on a 1 to 2 second interval. We also have Sheer Will which further increase our cooldown rate on crit hit so we are always looking pretty on our charge count. The Two MNTIS Cannon Augments I used for this build is Brain Drain & Proliferation; Brain Drain gives us Cannon Charges back when we kill an enemy with a crit from the action skill itself, whilst Proliferation gives us a straight 20 % Damage increase for our cannon & 2 additional charges which believe me helps so so much. I don’t use the Capstone ability for the purple tree with this set up since I’m trying to make our main damage source the action skill itself so I didn’t find it necessary to get but if you plan on using the other weapons on this build more as your primary then definitely take it. Now I’ll skim over the other Skill Tree choices real quick since once again my paragraph is getting too big: we go to mid point in Orange tree (Clone Tree) to primarily get Fractal Frags & Quick Breather , Frags to get extra grenades thrown and Breather for extra survivability since we run a deathless. We do use clone on this build so we run Which Ones Real? for survivability since we don’t have health gating because of deathless & Schadenfreude for once again survivability. We got near bottom of Blue Tree (Drone Tree) to benefit from Seein Red & all of his kill skills that are a must for the extra damage it provides.

Primary Gear: As Mentioned Before we are using a Unforgiven but the anointment we are using is Urad for Extra damage from our Cannon. Because of Urad we run a Atom Balm Deathless for ease of access to Urad Proc & to allow our radiation explosion to be magnificent. Atom Balm Increases the damage & size of the explosion caused by Radiation Dot so when dealing with Mobs we easily clear them in a chain of explosions. Another Must have item to have is a Frozen Heart Nova Shield with the anointment on Action Skill Start Activate Shield Break/Fill Effect. Basically this means that every time we us our Mantis Cannon we are insta freezing all the targets around us & dealing considerable amount of damage as well. Often times I will be mobbing and see the enemies that haven’t targeted yet bet at half health or less from just one Nova. We also using a Recurring Hunter Seeker Grenade with Anointment When Action Skill Active Increase Grenade Damage by 150%. Since we always have clone active because of the short cooldowns we have from the purple tree we are able to proc this anointment almost 100% of the time allows us to deal great amounts of damage since the grenade got buffed recently. The Grenade’s damage is very good by itself but with the anointment and unforgiven crit bonus combined its a force of nature that is spawned all the time from our zane clone & from our duct tape mod. Other Weapons I used on this build was the Back Burner, Sand Hawk & Masterwork Crossbow all with Urad (Except for Crossbow; That had 300% damage for above 90% Health targets). It doesn’t matter what your other weapons are because they shouldn’t impact this build too much so just go with whatever is meta or whatever weapon you like. I just stress that you have an unforgiven to optimize Crit Damage.

My Go-To Strategy with This Set Up: I’ll keep it short since there I’m sure you are tired of reading, Keep Urad Unforgiven in Hand to optimize crit damage and fire Cannon at any enemy I see, Preferably while surrounded by enemies to freeze most amount of enemies. Whatever enemy that didn’t die I carefully aim at crit spot, since they are frozen take your time, and Laser them till dead (Usually 1 or 2 shots). Spawn Clone in area that is decently far away for Hunter Seeker Grenades travel time. Longer they travel longer they shoot. Since Clone’s Grenade is procced by kill skill the clone will spawn these often. When in FFYL Switch to Back Burner & Sand Hawk to quickly get back on feet. Try to keep clone off cooldown. Its a almost brain dead build that is able to kill most enemies without thought so just go wild & have fun.

Its a ton of fun and I would love for you guys to try it as well. Feel free to offer suggestions on how to make this better. Alrighty that’s all I have for today, Have a great day everyone :slight_smile:

anything with unforgiven is a meme not a build


Why is that? A ton of builds benefits from it

it is called exploiting my friend.

I’ll be honest I don’t get it but I’ll just agree lol

I’m planning on slipping a Trick Unforgiven into my ricochet build. My ideal would be Trick Unforgiven with the MNTIS Cannon anoint, a Version 0.m ASA shield and Jakobs crit on my class mod. With all those you’ll be doing roughly 4.5 times more damage with each hit. You could take 300/90 or Urad but those are conditional on other things and 300/90 is less useful against bosses.

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Yo best of luck, I like this variant of the mantis build you are talking about it sounds really fun. What is your weapon of choice normally for the ricochet?

Currently enjoying the Redistributor, Conference Call and Recursion and I’m thinking of trying a Convergence.

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Sounds nice, I never had any luck with conference calls. Like most of time I use one the damage is meh, is it doing good damage with your build?

Look up Moxsy’s Ricochet Wizard build on YouTube.

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