Mantle marks, your thoughts

Adding mantling to the game is OK I guess. My personal objection to it is simply that adding another jump to a jump seems to not add anything particular to game play.
And what makes it more, um, useless to me is the use of mantle marks, those splotches of yellow paint that show you where to mantle. Other games use that too, Horizon:Zero Dawn for example. And showing me where to mantle again makes it a somewhat useless mechanic, I’m not using my brain to say hmmm, this spot looks like I can mantle up, let me try, no, it’s the game is telling me to mantle here, guess I will.
The first game I mantled in, Sniper Elite, did not use marks, you had to figure it out, I liked that better.
Removing mantling marks would present a little more of a challenge.

And of course the mantling marks on the Destroyer are just plain silly. Who in the BL universe is responsible for going to a sleeping Destroyer and splashing paint on its back? Just very silly.


I never noticed the yellow marks lol. Thanks, ill look for them. My thing with mantling is it doesnt go high enough. Wish we had a double jump to go with it. That would also make slam usefull. As it is all the slam relics go to waste.


I typically find the yellow splotches after I found an alternate route to someplace and feel like a moron… However I don’t think they really should be removed. They don’t detract from the immersiveness anymore than vending machines and fast travel stations being inside certain areas.

Also just because mantling isn’t a negative for some of us… There are probably folks who only use the mechanic when the story or challenges demand so. Hiding the paths from those who would rather not use it at all doesn’t help them return to the content they enjoy faster.

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I don’t mind them… Maybe show them in Normal and hide them in True? Not worth the hassle? I love mantling in this game, marks or no.

“I typically find the yellow splotches after I found an alternate route to someplace and feel like a moron…”

pretty much me.

personally dont think mantling or sliding added anything.

Slam has been ignored by me, except where required ( i think once)…or jumping down really far to speed it up (think skywell down the bladed pipe)

Slide is fun going downhill and into barrels early on - then you find barrels are usually butted up against something so unkickable towards mobs. Get cryo’d and forget sliding

Mantling has only been good for loot caches… but you had this in prev games without this function. I just called it ‘trick jumping’ (jumping against texture joins etc)

I think it looks out of place tbh, if I remember rightly Horizon Zero Dawn does them in a more scratched/worn style white texture which looked more natural while still standing out.

There are a lot of hidden, unmarked areas with mantling that isn’t marked with yellow, I would like a lot more locations with hidden chests on high, hard to reach places.

Sliding is useful for speed running assuming you have the 103%+ slide speed relic or movement speed.

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Yellow splotches mark the loot chest presence for me. ALWAYS.
They are not “mantling” marks as you can climb even on radio speakers.

BTW I assume that by writing “mantle” you mean climb.

They seem fine to me. Better than missing a ledge because you were in inch too low.

I mean specifically the “mantle” mechanic that is used by a (effectively) double-jump.
Regular jumping in sequence to get to a place has always been around and doesn’t bother me. It’s the double-jump that leads to a “special” animation indicating that you’ve made a particular controller move.

I nocited them after a week from launch. I thought people addedm them later as a hint to the players.

It seems like most of the yellow marks are around objectives. Moxxi towers, clap traps,typhoons etc.

I’m fine with them as I don’t personally want to spend all day looking at the way to get up something if a lot of jump spots are around.

As for it looking stupid I mean most stuff in games look stupid. The last world didn’t seem like most people thought it existed but Marcus still has a vending machine in every corner of the universe? People leave unlocked safes with money in them? Giant boxes of unlocked ammo that has shields and guns? If you do the “why would that be here” in games that aren’t 100% dedicated to realism you’re gonna see a lot of dumb.


So when you see the yellow marks you avoid mantling, then? I mean, if the yellow marks make the mechanic useless, then you wouldn’t use it, right? That’s just science.