Manual for ship stats in HW RM

Is there a manual for HW RM? I still ahve the manual form my original HW2 and often refer to it for ship stats etc. Homewever I do not have anything related to the new, or I guess OLD, ships from HW1. Can someone direct me to this information so I can lean how their ships work?


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I’m not aware that any manual exists for HW Remastered. The only place to get stats is by selecting ships in-game and noting the speed/armor/attack stats that appears. But a lot of in-game stats are different to their Classic counterpart, so it’s best not to use old game manuals.

Can you upload this HW2 manual?
I think the best STAT manual still is the SHIP.Lua files or simply SHIP files.

In my view someone should update HW Shipyards with remastered screenshots and stats…

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I semi-agree. It would be nice to have Shipyard updated, but at the same time, I am looking to pull Encyclopedia Hiigara into a better frame of light (all fanon gone, everything referenced, RM stats and pics) for the community. It doesn’t help that, basically, I’m the only one doing that xD

I have a set of scripts that will pull all the statistical data out of the game and into a website, but there’s a lot of work that’d need to be done still to make it nice and presentable, a few things that need to be manually corrected for accurate data, and on top of that screenshots and text for every ship. My intent was to make the shipyards successor for RM, but I keep getting distracted by other demands on my time.

You can see an older and mod-specific version of the output at

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There are likely to be an indeterminate number of iterations/refinements to balance from Gearbox. Plus every mod will be different. May be impracticable to maintain such a document; though I do know that similar documents exist for games with more frequent updates than this one has had.

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