Manufacturer arenas idea

Since BL2, where we had Torgue vending machines, I’ve always had this idea.
One arena or map similar to trials or circles of slaughter for each of the manufacturers. Instead of dropping legendaries enemies drop tokens, except maybe a final boss with a guaranteed unique legendary, which you’ll be able to spend at a vending machine loaded with random anointed loot, both epic and legendary, but from the manufacturer owning the arena.
It would be a good balance between targeted farming and randomness imho. What do you guys think?


I always liked manufacturer related content. To expand on your idea, I once imagined a DLC where Marcus takes the VH’s to a gun show. Manufacturers would show off their merchandise in the arena by “hiring” bandits, decking them out with gear, and letting them duke it out. Player shows up and farms them. Yada yada… To add variety, rounds or the entire match would be sponsored by a specific manufacturer or a combination of them. The player could also pledge allegiance with one of them to farm tokens faster. I honestly don’t know if vendor farming will be any good because BL3 just has so much variety that the player would spend a crapload of time just savequitting.


If you put the vendor at the end of the event the vendor farming part is non existent.
Think of it like getting guaranteed legendaries, but you choose from a pool instead of getting them from the mobs.


BL1 had a Jacobs vending machine in a DLC, too.

I’d love a manufacturer specific arena. Somewhere where you can pit yourself against the best fighters on that manufacturer’s payroll to earn rewards from them, like tokens for their own vending machines. It sounds great. =]


I disagree. Farming still exists after collecting those tokens, because what you want isn’t a guarantee. Maybe if the vendor pool is really good, but given elements, parts, and anointments, it’s still going to be a pita. That’s my concern.

LOVE this idea. Here’s how I would implement it:
If you pledge allegiance to one, that means one or more of the following:

-You can only use their guns
-All other manufacturer guns do 10% less damage, but theirs do 5% more
-You are locked in to your loadout when you start each round. You get an e.g. 5% token bonus for every item you have that is of that manufacturer.

Something in that vein.

But I also like the idea of you having to pledge or not. It’d be your choice to take a limitation to get an extra reward…but you could just say “screw it” and not take the limitation/get the reward and still do all the content.



And you get to fight a *hologram of the CEO of whichever company it is on the final round.

Here *hologram is shorthand for whatever story element they decide on, like a new-u version that “isn’t really them” so you don’t have to feel bad about killing Torgue or Reese or Wainright, and it makes sense even if you’ve already killed Katagawa in game.

A *hologram for two reasons:

  1. As stated above, continuity and emotional reasons.
  2. They could be larger than life (and even made obviously so), so Reese is an idealized version of himself, maybe it can do some things that would be impossible for a normal human. He could even be a little embarrassed about how overblown it is…and Torgue could say things like I TOTALLY WISH I WAS THIS FU&$*%G AWESOME!

I would be scared of the torgue arena; especially if they’re outfitted with hive /lump …or atlus if the ai can use trackers… :fearful:
@kenziesilk - I’m sure Reeseball would make an appearance


I bet he’d have two for the humor.

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What if it was done in rounds, where you get to “shop” after each round? The vending machines could, say, have 10 random, and increasing chance of anointment per round, legendaries in them from that manufacturer. You can either pick the “item of the day” for free (i.e. it’s the equivalent of getting a random legendary for beating the round) or get progressively more (by round) tokens instead to buy the other items in the machine.

So…beat a round, and you can choose either a free specific random legendary, but you get to see its properties ahead of time, or, if that item is not an upgrade and you’d just sell it for cash anyway, get limited currency specific to that type of manufacturer for an expensive purchase that might be a good upgrade from 9 other item opportunities. I think that’s relatively balanced…especially if the tokens are relatively difficult to earn like in the Torgue DLC (as far as I remember).

Maybe, if there are 5 rounds, each round has 2 more guaranteed anointment augmented items. There’s still the randomness of specific anointments, but if there were 2 after round 1, 4 after round 2 and 10 (all) after the final round, round 5…there’d be a good chance of getting something you might be after.

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And Tediore drones chasing you down… that does sound like a nightmare.

That does sound cool. I don’t think Gbx is going to be that generous.