Manufacturer Bonuses

So given that In two days it’s most likely all going to be revealed anyway in the Borderlands show … but …

Here is what we know …

  1. Mayhem 2.0 is going to be more difficult.
  2. We are getting new class mods that are “very powerful”
  3. We just had a recent round of buffs go certain weapons

So if you look at guns as if they are M4 viable or not. If you look at the list , they spread it out by manufacturer I think in hopes to have at least one viable M4 weapon for each slot for each manufacturer. Could be total coincidence and based totally on what weapons people are actually using versus not using.

But it was interesting and got me thinking that perhaps it’s not the social abilities on the new class mods but the rolls for cmods in general will be buffed significantly. Or maybe there will be some type of manufacter loyalty bonuses as part of some of the new cmods.

Just an observation , but guess we will find out Tuesday.