Manufacturer ideas?

Alright, first point: RIP Atlas

Lets get down to it, this is a place I hope we can exchange ideas for manufacturers.

Here’s mine(Still getting used to the new formatting)


Based on propritary (read: newfangled) railgun technology, Dreadnought weaponry is big, heavy, and powerful with High-end accuracy and nigh-instant rounds that can even penetrate cover. The price for this comes in it’s over-complicated mechanisms, which lead to reloading for excessive durations, as you have to replace and lock a magazine, then do the same to the railgun’s battery. Dreadnought makes Pistols, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Rocket Launchers.

+++ Damage
++ Accuracy
++ Fire Rate

  • Magazine Size
    -----Reload Time
    -----Swap Time

Dreadnought Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles have unique barrels that produce a powerful hitscan projectile which penetrate cover, at the cost of increased ammo consumption. Likewise, all Dreadnought weaponry can penetrate targets and their armor.

Dreadnoughts rail technology is incompatible with elemental weaponry or e-tech, favoring raw power.

Has a Heavy, Industrial/Military look, think M82 Barrett, OICW, Kriss Kard, HK G11 like those sterotypical “Future Block-guns”. In general, they have those ff, green ones are gunmetal with weld lines, Blue ones are silver-white, Purple are Dark near-black Metal.

Dreadnought naming schemes follow bluntly over-military acronym heavy lines. For example, a Torgue Barrel and “+Damage” attachment AR would be a “High Caliber SGW” (Squad Grenadier Weapon) while a Vladof Barrel and Stabilized Sniper would be a “Recoilless MSR” (Marksman’s Supression Rifle).

Legendaries could include some throwbacks to BL1 like.

[quote]Ajax’s Revenge(Assault Rifle)
The wait is ogre: Large explosive procs per shot, recoiless, extremely high damage, increased rate of fire. (The Ajax Ogre in all it’s glory)[/quote]

Take it over: Consumes very little ammo (3 shots per rocket), increased aoe, damage. (So it plays like a more powerful version of Bl1 style “rapid fire” rocket launchers)[/quote]

And what if Pangolin made guns? (Pistol, Shotgun, SMG, AR, Laser)
Pangolin guns are average at best, but have a small deflector shield attached to the front like those Constructors and Surveyors use

Corazza and S&S :v

S&S Honestly…They need a gimmick.

Belt Fed? But then that’d just make them Bandit+