Manufacturer loyalty rewards: yay or nay?

So I think it’s a cool idea how this works but I question the implementation. Is anyone actually using these rewards? It’s usually some blue or green weapon that don’t look all that remarkable. Usable perhaps but compared to what I’m using I usually just sell them immediately. That’s sort of a shame because it’s a cool idea.

Is there some reason to actually use these weapons? Is anyone actually using them?

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When I was leveling up, I used the **** out of them. If nothing else, it’s an awkward cash drop. I did get some fantastic purple ones. A Maliwan Shockwave that lasted like ten levels… at like level 30 or something… was probably the best?


I like the idea of manufacturer loyalty rewards too, just wish it would be expanded somehow.

How about basing the reward on our actions, so we can nudge the RNG in our favor?

For example:
•If at least 40% of the 100 kills are Critical Kills, you’re guaranteed an Annointment.
•If at least 30% of the kills are with an elemental weapon, you get an elemental weapon.
•If at least 20% of the kills are made with grenades, you’re guaranteed a Splash Damage modifier.
•If at least 30% of the kills are Critical Kills, you’re guaranteed a Purple.

Or maybe the Manufacturers could send us weapons with “prototype” parts that alter the way a gun works, that are only available from them. Essentially, their in-house version of the Flesh guns.


I love the rewards! :grin:I got most of my favorite guns in NVHM . It also made my first playthrough a lot smoother. But, it could definitely use some tweaking once you’ve leveled up your character/ TVHM/ Mayham Mode. I’ll admit that aside from a few purples, most get sold now that I’ve gotten so many annointed/ orange rarity gear.

Do you ever get annointed or orange rarity items? I don’t recall seeing any.

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In the first play through leveling up I’d say yay.
After that i’d say nay…
Edit your post and title and add a poll.

Not that I can ever remember…

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I get anointed a lot, but I play on TVHM in Mayhem and some of it may have been the event

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Sometimes when leveling up they’ll give me a blue or purple that’s an upgrade, which is alright. I’d personally rather have a Loyalty Rank system - like manufacturer specific Guardian Ranks.


A Loyalty Rank System could even be a way to allow us to swap out parts on weapons. Every 100 kills (or 200, or whatever) we could get a voucher from the Manufacturer that lets us swap out one part of a weapon, as long as they manufacture it.

So go kill 300 Bandits with Hyperion weapons, and you get a voucher in the mail. Then you can use it to tweak any Hyperion gun. Switch the barrel, remove the scope, swap for a part that decreases reload time. Maybe even reroll the Annointed bonus by using Eridium, whatever.

I just want the system to be something more interesting than generic stat boosts. “Kill 100 Enemies; Get +0.7 Accuracy” turns me off.


I like that idea. At the very least why can’t the rewards have something a bit extra on the weapon that is specific to that manufacturer? Like if it’s a Jacobs gun it has 2 bullets that ricochet or if it’s a Maliwan weapon it brings up Netflix to watch while waiting for your gun to fire.


They were decently useful before getting to endgame. Now it’s just spam, I get Jakobs mail all the time since I started using the Maggie as my primary weapon.

It would be better if they gave you loot-o-grams for Earl or something. At least then I have a chance to get a legendary item.

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i maybe used a couple that were decent during leveling, but honestly now it’s just bag wasters.

Really? I thought it was a chance to get a white item! :wink:


There is a 100% chance Earl will tell you to F off LOL

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Nay, it’s mostly spam after your first play through. I remember to check my inbox every couple weeks and most everything just gets dumped into a vending machine.

I use them almost exclusively, i dont like min maxing, i usually roleplay and those weapons may not be top tier but are very damn close.


During my first playthrough they were great. I literally only beat some bosses and got through some areas with a lot of badasses because of those loyalty rewards scaled to my level. I remember being level 22-ish with some green guns that were 14 or so just because i couldn’t get any good SMGs that I really liked. Then I got a loyalty reward and got a nice blue weapon and beat the stage.

Helped me also at the very beginning of my first TVHM. If only I knew I could have gotten multiple Crits from Moxxi it would have helped me a lot more since they scale to your level as well.

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I’ve gotten a handful of nice guns while leveling up and clearing the campaign, but I feel that a lot of the rewards are lackluster and just go to the vending machine immediately. In my opinion, they should simply make all of the loyalty rewards purple, no greens or blues.

However, I also like Henchmen4Hire’s suggestion in the direction of weapon crafting. Maybe for each token, you can select 2 guns by the manufacturer in question and select one component which then gets swapped between the two? Perhaps even put in an additional restriction in that the guns have to be of the same rarity.

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Well they certainly are a waste and just vendior trash on my decked out lv 50s but my small guys are all very thankful for these occasional presents especially as I seem to camp on the bad sight of RNG most of the time. So for leveling up these mail guns often represent a serious upgrade and sometimes I actively work toward a new mail because my old gun feels so lackluster.

What you get is completely random and I dont think I ve seen annoitments on them so far so yeah, after a certain point they lose all value same as money does. In that regard its time span seems to be limited, maybe by design

What kind of system do you think of that would make it valuable in endgame as well? Always have to consider that its not going OP :slight_smile:

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I did that leveling my Zane. Either to upgrade (any Jackobs) or tryout other brands.

Maybe “only purple” would be overkill in normal mode/leveling but green certainly shouldn’t be a “loyalty reward”.
Once you reach lvl 50 only purple make sense.

Question: It’s probably just “confirmation bias” but does anybody else feel like the rng is “loaded” toward what type/rarity you used from the manufacturer?
It’s probably waaaayyyyy to complex to field test properly but I think I might start taking notes.