Manufacturer speculations

Other than guns and mods, somebody has to manufacture all other things right? And since the other objects take style elements from the known brands, let’s just say they don’t only manufacture guns (as opposed to have imaginary brands)


  • Assault rifle ammo: The box has that military camo so looks like Dahl does that one
  • SMG ammo: Well, it has that Vladof star decal…
  • Rockets: This one is obvious. Even the rocket holdster has that chequered pattern
  • Sniper rifle ammo: I’m gonna say Hyperion
  • Shotgun shells: Looks pretty bandity to me
  • Pistol ammo: Tediore because looks like a cheap boring box
  • Grenades (ammo): they have hexagons and are futuristic looking, so I would say Maliwan


  • That non-branded red chest (including the golden key chest) strikes me as something that Vladof would do for the shapes and form
  • The grey chests, uhhm… Definitely Tediore -or- Pangolin
  • Pirate and wooden chests are obviously Jakobs


  • Those pink coolers strike me as manufactured by Tediore, but it could be Bandit
  • Lockbox Bandit and strongbox Pangolin (money boxes)
  • Lockers… perhaps Dahl?
  • Mailboxes are Dahl and Bandit
  • Washing machine and stoves are Tediore
  • Fridge is Anshin… or maybe Pangolin
  • Toilet… uhmm… Anshin?
  • Ammo tub, gas tank and gas canister are Bandit made for sure


  • I would like to think Jakobs prints the money… but whatever

Hyperion manufactures cars. And Maliwan manufactures beer.

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Corrosive beer? HellFire beer? Well that will be alot of lawsuits…

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They’d just be like this.

Which is interesting, because Vladof don’t make SMG’s in Borderlands 2…

I’d have said Hyperion due to the colour of the box. And I would have said Maliwan for sniper ammo.

Don’t forget that a lot of these things looked the same in Borderlands, so… Atlas and S&S Munitions are also possible candidates.

That’s an excellent poin. Tediore also uses yellowish tints for their guns though… But I think you’re right anyway.