Manufacturer thoughts

Now that I’ve played quite a bit, been thinking about weapon manufacturers and differences in BL3.
In BL1 & 2 I am a Vladoff and Maliwan guy primarily.
But that’s changing in BL3.
Some thoughts;
Dahl - I rarely used Dahl before (except for the sand hawk). In BL3 I find I’m using the heck out of Dahl snipers. The recoil, first off, is very very low. And the full auto option turns my Dahl snipers into Droogs or Daiubs, I really like them.
Maliwan - Liked 'em in BL2. Not so much in BL3. The elemental capacitor recharge delay before firing is really putting my off. Good for middle-far distant targets, but frustrating for close targets.
Hyperion - Didn’t use 'em much before. Using them a good bit now, the reverse accuracy thing seems slightly faster to come into good accuracy now, so they work well. Hyperion SMGs are my go- to close in weapon now.
Torgue - OK, but nothing I tend to go back to. Can’t think of one I’m using regularly.
Vladoff - Still waiting to get one I like. I typically love Vladoff fire rates, but again, nothing has wowed me yet.
Tediore - OK, use 'em sometimes. The new reload tricks are hit and miss for me, I don’t find I can rely on them for targeted damage as much as I could in BL2.
Jakobs. - Jakobs feels like the one manufacturer that did not change at all from previous games. They’re very good.
COV - I find I usually have a COV pistol in my load out, the rapid fire and no reloading is very handy for getting out of tight spots, and also for spraying at flying enemies. The overheat mechanic is less troublesome than I thought it might be, you can usually manage pausing firing for cool down pretty early.
Atlas - Yay Atlas! They have become my #1 manufacturer in BL3. Smart bullets, which actually crit, is fantastic. And their grenades are the best I’ve used so far also.

So now I’m a Atlas/Dahl/COV guy.


Fl4k is broken with Jacob’s and Torgue weapons…

That is all. No reason to use any other manufacturer at this point.

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I’ve always had a soft spot for Torgue (because EXPLOSIONS!), and I do like the new sticky mechanics. It can be quite useful on some situations.

I do agree with you about the new Atlas. The smart bullets are a lot smarter than I thought they would be and crits are quite common. I’m really digging some of their Assault Rifles I got.


Torgue guns make me feel like a god. Specifically the shotties with sticky rounds :astonished:


I’ve always been a Dahl/maliwan guy in bl2. Dahl in bl3 is glorious, for the first time in borderlands they feel like real, actual, not-ridiculous guns.
Maliwan tho… I can deal with it for SMG’s, everything else goes right in the garbage.


I agree with a lot of this.

Dahl has climbed up my list of favourites for sure with the full auto and burst fire being useful for different situations.

Atlas guns are amazing when you have the high ground on somebody. Just watch the crits pile up.

I had some good Vladof guns early and love the underbarrel gimmick.

COV is great for piling up damage.

Nothing beats a Tediore SMG with legs for dealing with mobs. Keep firing off one shot and reloading and watch them run around scattering everyone and jumping on them for splash damage.

The worst manufacturer for me by far is Maliwan. I’ve yet to use a Maliwan that isn’t absolute garbage. They’re OK at draining shields but have no oomph at all when it comes to doing any damage.

I still haven’t had any good Torgue drops, so I have no opinion on them yet.


Use a random Torgue gun and eventually you’ll get a god one in the mail.


Yeah I thought of that and I’m currently using that strategy to get a good Atlas weapon. RNG has been good to me for the most part, but for some reason even white Torgue guns have a hard time showing up.

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RNG has blessed me also. I’ve had around 15 legendaries, I’m level 29.


The only disappointment for me is Maliwan, the charge times can range from irksome to abysmal and the Maliwan Snipers that were some of the best in 2 are now a crap-shoot because for some reason unlike the other Maliwan guns, they automatically discharge when they finish charging so I can’t hold a charge and use it right when I want to, made me toss out a blue rarity Sniper in two minutes.

Torgue I was hesitant on because of them nixing the Explosive element, but man the sticky bullets adding damage increase effects are a strategic win. Between them and all Vladof guns now essentially being two-in-one, I’m getting more loadout potential barely up to level 30 than I was seeing for the most part at cap in 2.

Jakobs and Hyperion are mostly the same which I like, though the gun shields and added effects like increasing gun damage or refilling magazine ammo for the Hyperion guns is a welcome addition. I was almost worried about Atlas for a bit, but the fact that the tracking bullets are manually targeted and allow for auto-targeted crits is making things SO much easier. Though I do think a little flair to their movement pathing might help, I had times they were striking enemy cover or other objects trying to take the most direct route to a target.

Dahl and Tediore kinda fall to the back for me though, Dahl is perfectly passable and the fire rate control is good, but they fall behind the other weapons for me. And I’ve yet to find a Tediore with a refill gimmick that I find useful. And as for the COV weapons, I got a couple Legendaries of them already but they don’t really strike me any better than the Bandit or SCAV weapons ever did so far. And the potential to overheat and break a Legendary weapon by forgetting about managing the heat levels at a tense moment is kind of a nails on a chalkboard feeling for me.


“breaking” is just reloading. They’re literally bandit weapons that look more steampunky, you won’t lose it if it overheats

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Omg lol I’ve been avoiding these as I thought they’d actually break and didn’t want to get attached to a gun that would break haha this changes EVERYTHING!


For me with my Crit Fl4k build Jakobs is the king. I also really like Vladoff and Hyperion which were my favorite 2 manufacturers in B2. Torgue, Dahl, and Atlas are probably next up and I will use them if I find a gun that fits into my build and not using up an ammo type I am currently using. Not a big elemental damage guy so far in this game so not a big Maliwan guy. Always hated Bandit so I don’t like COV either. Same with Tediore, can’t stand it and most of the reload perks are just lame gimmicks to me.

I am sure with different characters and different builds this would change up a bit.

I find them to be somewhat more accurate than Bandit/Scav, so they’re working well for me.

maliwan is one of the worst weapon manufacturer for me on 3. those recharge before firing. com’on that is not a laser for christ sake.

my favorites are dahl (awesome reload animation on the pistol). cov, vladof, atlas and jakobs (i was surprised since I am not a fan of it before).

Still I suck with headshot (possibly due to my sensitivity is crank up to max) so i am using least the sniper and Rocket Launcher. My loadout is usually anything i found with a higher score (it is a plus if it is bladed), my favorites are AR (star hellix is my first legendary and my favorite so far), SMG, pistol (i hope they separated the ammo for repeaters and mashers) and shotguns.


I picked up a nice looking Torgue pistol last night and took it out for a spin and…
When did Torgue change to fire as fast as you can pull the trigger like Jakobs?
I was holding down the trigger thinking it’d fire off like and Unkempt Harold and oops one shot, gotta start fanning the trigger.
Once you know they’re good, I used a Torgue assault with sticky bullets to take down a boss (the end of the Atlas mission one) and it was great, just need to think of them like a cowboy with a single-action Colt now.