Manufacturer weapon philosophy

Gearbox, whatever nerf you do to the gears, they are certain parts you should not touch.
Maliwan - elemental
Tediore - reload
Vladof - fire rate
Atlas - tracking
Torgue - explosion
Jakobs - critical
Dahl - accuracy and handling
COV/Bandit - mag size
Hyperion - accuracy over time

If you buff certain manufacturer for some fun factors like Jakobs Rowan Call (elemental), Vladof Boom Sickle (explosive), Dahl Kaoson (explosive), Torgue elemental, Dahl Good Juju critical, etc., general reception is good as they are all positive moves.
However, nerf to their core philosophy is negative and should not be in the the game.

Kaoson nerfed to accuracy is very negative. Please revert it and nerf fire rate instead.
Hellfire come with nerf to dots
Butcher nerfs Hyperion

Feel free to add any gears that wrongly nerfed beside damage.


it would be even worse if u decide to nerf fr instead of acc lol .

Hyperion weapon often have a shield when you aim… I think those shields don’t scale with Mayhem lavels = they break super fast. This has already been a problem in Mayhem 1.0. Needs to be buffed

Kaoson small mag, a bit off fire rate nerf if they revert accuracy nerf is way better.
It is still King of SMG after damage nerfed but gun handling is annoying which actually decrease DPS.

depend on playstyle , 99% of the time i just go up front so acc is not a issue . maybe because i play gaige in bl2 xd

good point
but i can only think of buffs right now
automatic to torgue weapons
elemental to atlas weapons xD

Understandable for personal taste.
However, GB should not have nerfed Dahl philosophy. That is the purpose of the post, not damage. :+1:

Any buff for fun factor that is not unbalanced is always positive.

for me it takes a lot of fun out of using torgue weapons that they are semi automatic
i mean…who stops shooting with a pistol or even AR? and you can programm your mouse anyway, which gives PC gamers an advantage over console gamers
and atlas being non elemental doesnt make sense to me
it was never their thing like jakobs and even jakobs has elemental guns now? hu4ehf4gf34f?

that was possibly because they took Hellfire away from Maliwan, which is an odd one in itself since the gun was practically the flag bearer for Maliwan anyway

why would hail be dahl…

Yeah missed that part. Most likely the gun is so underwhelming that can’t even bother to look closely. :grin:

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