Many items for trade. Skins too

I HAVE the following items:


(Speeedee) PRAZMA CANON (71)
Stalker (72)
Corrosive White Death (71)
Corrosive Plasma Caster (Bandit) (72)
Shock Plasma Caster (Bandit) (72)
Sandhawk (every element) (72)
Hive (72)
Fire Topnea (72)
Shock Topnea (72)
Skullmasher (71)
Storm (OP8)
Bearcat (OP8)
Infinity (OP8)
Conference Call (One of every element) (OP8)
Ahab (72)
Veruc (72)
Corrosive Gunerang (72)
Hammer Buster (72)
Hellfire (72)
Infinity (72)
Corrosive Infinity (72)
Sledge’s Shotgun X2 (72)
Nukem (3 shot) (72)
Shredifier (72)
Pyrophobia (72)
Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold (72)
Slag Norfleet (72)
Shock Norfleet (72)
Volcano X2 (72)
Conference Call X2 (72)
Flakker (72)
Babymaker (72)
Shock Babymaker (72)
Bitch (72)
Corrosive Bitch (72)
Fire Bitch (72)

Grenade Mods

Sticky Longbow Quasar (72)
Storm Front (72)
Bouncing Bonny (72)
Chain Lightning (72)
Shock Nasty Surprise (72)
Slag Nasty Surprise (72)
Electric Leech (71)


Whisky Tango Foxtrot (72)
Impaler (72)
Fabled Tortoise (72)
The Sham (94% Absorb) (72)
Black Hole (72)
Inflammable The Bee (72)
The Cradle X2 (72)

Class Mods

Legendary Anarchist (72)
Legendary Hoarder (71)
Legendary Berserker X2 (72)
Legendary Gunzerker X2 (72)
Legendary Titan (72)
Legendary Cat (72)
Legendary Soldier (72)
Legendary Ranger (71)


Admiral Asskick (Siren)
Black Widow (Siren)
Til Death Do Us Part X2 (Siren)
Sandblaster (Commando)
Dapper Gent (Commando)
Bone Blinder (Commando)
Raz0rhead X2 (Zer0)

I WANT the following items:
ALL lvl 72

Fire Norfleet
Corrosive Norfleet
Fastball (prefer explosive but will take any kind)
Grounded Bee (With a decent recharge delay)
Interfacer (Shock and Normal)
Fire Badaboom (With increased projectile speed)
Scream Sickle (44% Melee dmg with +6 Silence the Voices and +5 Empty the Rage)
Thunderball Fists
Slayer of Terramorphous (Mechromancer)
Ninja Rose (Siren Skin)

are you on xbox1? I have the fire Norfleet and the bee

Sorry, just on 360.