Many lv50 to lv61 legendaries to trade. Looking for lv72 legendaries

At present I have many lv50 to lv61 legendaries which i am looking to trade for lv72 legendaries.
The legendaries I have and their levels:
lv61 Boosh a ERROR MESSAGE ERROR MESSAGE, explosive damage
lv50 Two Fer Unforgiviven, corrosive damage
lv61 Practicable Butcher, slag
lv50 Attack Bearcat, none
lv61 Sub-Machine Gun, slag
lv61 Pistol, none
lv61 Purging Infinity, electocute damage
lv50 Punitory Norfleet, elecrocute damage
lv56 Double Penetrating Unkempt harold, explosive damage
lv52 Rapid Infinity, none
lv50 Slayer Of Teramorphous Class Mod, Psycho
Looking for any lv72 legendaries, preferably decent ones.
Let me know if you are interested my PSN is COMPLETE-ANIMAL.
Please no trolls or time wasters.
Thank You

Not trying to be a troll but
What are
61 sub machine gun
61 Pistol?

I also think maybe including the elements pf your guns would help potential interested parties. Hope you find what youre looking for!

They are the names of the weapons and will go back and do that thanks.

I am normally on from 5 o`clock onwards uk time everyday, i just forgot to mention.

So your saying your weapons are gibbed?

I`m guessing you mean the lv61 pistol and sub machine gun? if they are then the person who gave me them is responsible but all the others are legit.

Hello, I have level 72 norfleet, conference call,infinity pistol and a few other legendaries, I want the class mod for the psycho

not a problem just send me a message on PSN and we`ll sort something out

Not a problem just send me a message on PSN and we`ll sort something out. My PSN is in the post.