Many of the Skirmish maps have little to no RUs

Like the title said, the resources you mine on skirmish maps (Like scattered) are extremely small.
Instead of the usual, like for example, 500 or 1000 RUs depending on the settings you selected, the resources are always on either 10 RUs, 30 RUs, or maybe even just 5.

I have bee playing aronud with settings to see if i could fix it but to no awail. Anyone else experience this?

Check the game skirmish settings you can set it likte this that each asteroid has like 15.000 Ru…

Already checked that. setting it to high only makes asteroids to have around 60 RUs.

This is only a problem with Homeworld 1 maps. I’m guessing they made some kind of automatic converter that didn’t give the resource asteroids enough resources

I’ve noticed this exact same bug as well. Weirdly enough, playing the Homeworld 1 maps with Homeworld 2 Remastered with the exact same ships, races, and gameplay settings, they worked just fine.