Many questions about K

I have a few questions, so I thought I could ask them all at once

  1. Does Burn baby burn boost all DoTs once you have delusional damage, or is it still just fire?
  2. Does Bloodbath boost Grenade damage once it’s active?
  3. Is Burn baby burn’s “on fire” bonus additive to the normal bonus like with Pain is power, or does it replaces it ? (at 5/5, do I get 75% or 115% ?)
  4. Can Flame flare’s effect trigger on me and re-ignite me over and over ?
  5. How often does the game check for Flame flare’s trigger ? is it every tick ?
  6. Can you even have more than one DoT on you ?
  7. Is there a limit to how many DoTs an enemy can have on him at one time ?
  8. Does Elemental empathy heal you for 25% of your own DoTs ? (effectively cutting the damage in half ?)
  9. how fast does Elemental Elation stack ? do you get a stack for each tick ?

I have more questions but that will do for now :slight_smile:

Ah yes… @Gulfwulf, @BookEmDano, @xmngr, @DankRafft … just to be sure :wink:

  1. Just fire and as some guy posted at the old forums and here aswell some time ago it also seems to decrease self ignition dot (although I never tested myself).
  2. Bloodbath is gun damage as far as I know.
  3. Additive.
  4. it only activates once and it only happens after your normal ignition ends, when it does a (fire ignition) sound effect is played.
  5. Every ignition as far as I know, if it was for every tick then even with 1 point in it you should almost be guaranteed to be ignited.
  6. This is also something I wanted to know
  7. also want to know this
  8. It heals 25% for every dot you inflict via weapons, skills, barrels, etc., this also includes the self-ignition fire dot.
  9. @BookEmDano

1.- No, fire.
2.- It should. I’m not pretty sure.
3.- Yep. All K bonuses are additive, especially melee and fire.
4.- Yep.
5.- Should.
6.- Yep. Shock fire/corrosive fire/slag fire. I may be wrong though since the self ignition is enabled by skills
7.- No
8.- Yep
9.- Dunno.

The K badasses know way more than me Chuck, I am wrong in some stuff probably.

9 is one per second. It’d be an easy thing to test since the dummy can be lit on fire.

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For some reason I read number 4 as if it was against enemies. Flame Flare’s re-ignition only applies on enemies, against self it increases burn dot duration (wich you’ll notice whilst fighting dragons) so, can you keep yourself ignited over and over? yes but because of Burn Baby Burn or Fuel the Fire although this requires you to keep igniting targets nonstop. Flame Flare alone can’t keep you constantly ignited since it only re-ignites a target once and after the inflicted burn ended.