Many Things Are Geared Towards Amara. Other Vault Hunters Appear Under-cooked

Amara isn’t overpowered. She just has the best gear.

Not calling for a nerf to Amara but It has become clear that she is the best character in the game. She has the best trees, she has the most playstyles, she has the best gear, she has the best anointed, she has the best artifacts, she has a build for every situation. Has has the most diverse class mods

I will explain in detail why i feel the way I do and why the game needs to greatly expand on their gear diversity to bring the other vault hunters up to speed.

Amara Has The Best Trees
Amara is probably the only character in the game I can see that has multiple viable endgame builds with ANY COMBINATION of her trees. Hell, she could Max out one tree alone and be completely fine. Her augments are all great (relatively speaking compared to other vault hunters) and add different things to her abilities. I’ll use Zane as a counter example, Zane has multiple digiclone augments that try to accomplish the same thing instead of increasing diversity.

Amara Has The Best Anointed
All characters anointed gear should be similar to amara. She basically turns into a super human just for using her action skill. And she has different kinds depending on her playstyle. You want weapon damage? Here is 300%. You want melee damage? Here is 300%. Zane’s closest anointed gear to this kind of damage is the digi clone swap which of course requires digi-clone. The rest is meh AT BEST.

The Majority of Artifacts in the Game are Melee Focused.
Tell my why I, a Zane player would want to slide into an enemy? Why would I want to use ground slam? Why do I want to be anywhere near mobs? Yet the majority of artifacts in this game give melee benefits and their is only one character who can melee reliably. Amara.

Amara has the Best Gameplay impacting Class Mods
Amara has the best class mods and it’s not close. Her only issue is that one of them is kinda over performing. also bugged. But she has class mods that provide obvious game play advancements. The nimbus cloud. The Melee action skill activation one. Phasezerker. The Tank one. All viable, all useful. Zane on the other hand…

The games meta lifts Amara up past the other vault hunters(you guys also keep nerfing the others). It seems like the devs made alot of gear with Amara in mind, and haphazardly made gear centered around the other vault hunters. Moze has only one mod that isn’t Demolition Woman based. Flak keeps getting nerfed. Zane’s mods are under-cooked and don’t provide in gameplay enhancements outside of a few of them. The anointed is the same way. Moze’s anointed are centered around getting out of her mech and such. terrible. I think alot of class mods and anointed perks need a buff.

The obvious blind bias the developers have towards Amara has to stop


I think a lot of this boils down to the fact that Amara is the only one of the four playable vault hunters that doesn’t have a pet which needs to be taken into consideration for skill tree design and overall balance. Because they don’t have to consider things like Iron Bear or SNTNL/Digi-Clone or Fl4k’s multiple pet options, it’s easier to build better, more synergistic skill trees and gear.

It’s also why I think Gearbox needs to rethink their stance on not adding more vault hunters in DLC. People who don’t want to play with a pet class should have more than one option (just as people who did want pet classes needed more than one option in BL2 and got Gaige shortly after release).


I started as a Amara main amd I 100% disagree that she is the best Vault Hunter. It’s a very subjective. I still think Moze is the best in the game.

Mine Sweeper is a very unappreciated class mod that can be abused through sheer laziness (Pull the Holy Pin + Hex) and skillfully gameplay actively going for crits.

And Demo woman and Bloodletter are still endgame viable despite the Gearbox nerfs.

And Moze will only get more powerful if Gearbox raises the level cap since all of her trees are endgame viable and dont need capstonesa at all.

Again subjective opinion.

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are you disagreeing with the best vault hunter sentiment or the Meta is geared around the character sentiment? Because Moze right now has a few glaring flaws that the community has been plagued by. Moze Basically only 2 viable builds. Iron Bear isn’t viable at all. Class mods are very focused except for one. Anoited gear is kinda bad. etc

When I say best, I don’t mean strongest. I mean it from a character design standpoint


I have never been a melee player and have been very surprised at all the melee/slide artifacts. I simply dislike playing this way. I don’t even jump around like a crazy person. Nothing against that play style. I’m certain it’s actually better, just not for me.

I hope GB adds some diversity here.


As a moze main i kinda wish iron bear had its own skill tree away from the others trees. Then her other trees could have new skills and iron bear might be more powerfull having its own skill tree .


I could care less what the community thinks. This isn’t a popularity contest.

I’m glad that you like Amara but saying the other vault hunters are not as good becuase they only have x amount of viable builds is incorrect.


So you are definitely taking this far more personally than I intended. No need to disregard what I say rudely. If you would read, what I’m saying. I’m saying that from a CHARACTER DESIGN STANDPOINT, amara is the best character because she has the most versatility in playstyle, gear, and tree/action skill. I’m not saying amara will clear the room the fastest. I’m not saying Moze and Flak aren’t good characters. I’m saying that alot of aspects of the game seemed to be designed with amara in mind while other design elements for the other vault hunters(mainly zane) aren’t as well thought. Artifacts are mostly melee. Anointed for Amara is leagues beyond everyone else. She has good class mods that actually change your play style.

Please chill. Moze might have a higher peak but she is not better designed than amara


I stopped reading at diverse class mods. If they actually worked or were powerful then yes. But only one COM is the strongest by far. It’s apparent that you don’t play Amara.


It’s bugged. And i mentioned that in my OP that she has one that was overpowered/bugged that WILL be nerfed/fixed. But hey, if you had read any of it you would have not wasted your time writing. and I wouldn’t have had to waste my time reading.

Plus I do play amara. And i use the phazereker mod. Which I know is broken. Doesn’t mean the other mods are bad. Phazerker’s time in the light will come to an end more abruptly than you think


Many of her mods don’t work or the skills don’t aline with the legendary power. So yeah, they need some work.

So you come on here expecting everyone agree with you or something? Sorry if having a different opinion somehow scares you.

If you want to talk about a chatacter design standpoint… the only useful action skill she has phaspgrap barely works with any of her augments and skills on the tree unless you spec into Fist over matter. And the other 2 are pretty much only used to cheese annoited perks. So much for Amara having a great Action Skill.

So dont take it personal that I disagree with you. Nobody is being rude, you’re making alot of assumptions that simply are not true.


It seems to me like you are having a day. So I’m gonna let you be you. And agree to disagree. Thanks for your perspective

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Let’s talk about the game and not each other please.

Don’t make assumptions about other people.


That’s a shame. But back on topic

Would you say that Amara has less flaws than her fellow vault hunters. Too my knowlegde, Phasegrasp is bugged allowing you to stack rush stacks to 99. Phazerker is also bugged. With multiple people saying that the cooldown reduction seems agressive. and inconsistent upon relog. Her other action skills aren’t bad. She just has a bugged class mod and phase grasp is also has reported bugs. I don’t think either will last very long considering the Devs current track record.

I could be wrong here but I don’t think he’s talking about the flaws in any of the characters but more about how many artifacts etc seem to made with Amara in mind more than other characters, which gives her more options.


That’s EXACTLY what I’m saying. The meta is clearly geared towards amara unlike any other character

I’d like to point out my very first scentence highlights what i my main point is


I think this just highlights how much work the skill trees need for the other Vaut Hunters. I play FL4K, and feel like any build outside of Fade Away is just worse, because it is. There needs to be incentive to try different character and trees.


Fadeaway is better on bosses but rakks are way better for pretty much all other parts of the game.

That is also actually amazing design because we have the option to change action skills and augments just like guns and grenades.

I see all vault hunters being great in different ways for different kinds of players. Sure a few things can be tweaked around but they are all different and powerful.


I’m my point you can’t declare someone the best based on a subjective cherry picked group of criteria. I can easily say Zane is the best becuase becuase he has a beard.

There are alot of things that goes into the overall usefulness of a character. Imo if you need Annoited gear to do anything and most of your skills dont work correctly you’re not a well designed character.