Map cursor "snapping" to my location

Whenever I’m navigating the map, the cursor would randomly snap to my current position on it’s own. Pretty annoying when I’m trying to pinpoint a location across the map and cursor jumps from where I’m navigating. Anyone else getting this issue?

Present, PC.

PC. Same issue as well. My cursor snaps to fast travel though. Seems to trigger when I zoom and also move the Left Analog stick.

Yeah it’s like the left analog stick is fighting with the Up/Down D Pad where one wants to move freely but the other wants to cycle between the fast travel locations on the menu. best way I can explain what it’s doing exactly. I hope they fix it.

Hey, I just tried recreating the problem on PS4 and it happens there too.

May be worth putting a support ticket in, so that it can be chronicled.

yeah. happening with gamepad. one thing i notice that may help is that if you change the view to Challenges, it doesn’t happen anymore. at the same time, if the Challenges list is empty, it will still happen.

See it all the time…and no im not putting a ticket in (at least not for 2K or Epic)…not going to tolerate being told to “re-verify” steam files or be treated like a child.

Pretty sure others have filed the ticket too and I can tolerate it for now.

(PC - Keyboard/Controller mix)

Only way to get it to stop is to grab my mouse.
But it acts weird even then. Not terrible…but tolerable.