Map editor or Mission editor

I would like to ask that when expected
Add Map editor - Or Mission Editorn ?
It workshop


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Good question. It would be a very welcome addition, considering the lack of multiplayer maps.

I would like some confirmation on this as well. RTSs only survive when the community or the development team regularly introduce new maps.

My willingness to introduce this game to others is strongly contingent on this.

They have an in house map editor. It needs to be cleaned up and made ‘robust’ for users to use. I don’t know if this is something they will actually do or when but I expect we’ll see a number of free maps before the map editor. And no, cleaning up the map editor is not something someone does in an afternoon. You’d need some serious manhours to make something they use in house usable for normal users.

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You will be lucky if we get one… we can’t rebind keys, we can’t set out defensive or offensive stance, we can’t set up formations, we can’t… ahhh… well… perhaps we should all escape Kharak and go straight to Homeworld Remastered where said abilities are already there… and of course for extras we have MOD DB - Homeworld Mods which will expand your horizons.

I think I’m going to head for the stars and wait while BBI hopefully get their act together and sort out all the problems with this game. The amount of content for such a promising game really dissapointed me. Homeworld Remastered, here I come.

homeworld Deserts of Kharak map editor (need)
no Homeworld Remastered

Well said. I do believe it would be a little more complicated than using some sort of Unity build editor XD. However the lack of maps is disappointing seeing how I spend a lot of time in skirmish mode or multiplayer. The maps are quite beautiful though, dune sea is my favorite.

I was just pointing out that there is a lot missing from Deserts of Kharak compared to the original Homeworld games. Stuff that directly affects the game.

I just started playing the skirmish mode (no multiplayer games on my area :frowning:) and it really has a very small amount of maps, even less than CoH2 at launch. If any dev read this, is there a plan for the editor, or at least for more maps? that would be a good start.