Map glitches to nowhere land

(odiscordia) #1

Now I know there are a couple Vids out there that show places you can use a car to glitch off the map and travel to vast pointless deserts (dahl headland and tbone) but have u guys stumbled or forced your way onto any others? It is of coarse of no real benefit and only amusing to the biggest bl nerds probably…but still. The one I found most interesting was the power plant in earls scrapyard. I believe the developers possibly intended it to be somewhere you had to go and scrapped the idea but kept the background. It just looks a little too thought out to me…idk. I digress. But yes you can indeed grenade jump over the wall. I’ve done it exactly once. There are these little ledge things sticking out in several spots about halfway up and a very carefully placed grenade jump will get you the rest of the way. Theres nothing there of coarse except walls you can walk thru. Anyway…anyone else?

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There’s also the unfinished other side to the Armory…

Never tried to get into the power plant. That would have been cool - Earl’s Scrapyard is probably the most uninsipiring map, in my opinion.

(odiscordia) #3

What exactly is the armory thing? I know there’s something u can do with sledges shotgun. Yeah every time I went to the scrapyard that huge power plant always caught my attention. I saw that you could actually jump up and shoot the ground on the other side. 50 grenades later I was in