Map makers that need beta testers

I’m opening up this thread to encourage anyone who would like to beta test and give feedback to the maps that people are making.

SO! If you are interested in beta testing some maps that others are working on then just reply to the thread. That’s it. If someone needs a map tested then they can contact you either on the forums or through PM.

So Map makers: If people decide to put in for this and you are willing to have people test things out then you have a list of people to contact. Just that simple.

The more people interested the better of course. Just realize that it’s up to the map makers to contact you.

Just a side note: If people are wondering if I am working on a map… I am. But it is not in the tradition of Borderlands and I’m not yet sure if I’ll make it for single player or 4 player. I am also not sure if I want to include actual quests because by doing that it will disable your ability to play with others in any other game who does not have the mod. Something I’ve fought against doing for a long time and why I came up with my quest system in the fifth column and zombie infestation maps.

@xwmstormx What are you building then? Also we still have to do that chat, but it seems like everytime that I’m in bed you are awake and vice versa.

Not a pro by any means, but definitely on board to help.

I’m trying to build an updated version of Valley Of Death with lots of bug fixes, improvements, changes…but the editor is crashing more than ever.

If I can get it to build properly testers will be most welcome


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I’m building a secret! Heh! I have an idea and am writing the story and working on the tech that I’ll need to put it all together. Right now it’s nothing more than a few little rooms to test things out. So nothing to show.

Forgot to add myself to the testers list. Can be fun to beta/bug test stuff at times. :slight_smile:

Is it BL UDK or is it a different thing?

I have a new version of “Valley Of Death” ready for testing

Complete makeover of the cliffs & rocks using a new custom material, numerous bug fixes and improvements, and some rebalancing of areas that were a bit hardcore for most. I’ve added a load more save poles and moved the respawn nodes in a few places to safer locations (no one likes being spawn-r*ped). Added more signposts and low fences for easier navigation and tweaked the pathing of enemies so they keep moving more often.
Several new areas (some random) and a makeover of some of the uglier existing areas
The upper city is now less clean and looks more lived in.

Now there are rewards for completing the Tannis & Moxxi missions if you return to the quest givers.

This version will not work on 32bit windows as it uses more than 4GB of ram (8GB recommended)

Self installer for Steam Borderlands on a 64bit version of Windows:-

unzip and run the self-extracting rar

rar version for any other instalations of Borderlands:-

Unrar to your Borderlands directory or place the 3 files in the indicated folders.

Mapslot9 loads it though it may take a couple of minutes to load first time running, subsequent runs are a lot quicker…

Any feedback please post in this thread:- Gitface191's home-made maps

Thank you



I literally only have 4GB of RAM. Damn you, potato PC!

Think it has a chance to run regardless?

You could try, but it might take ages to load only to crash when it finally does :confounded:

I like your map idea. I will probably play it tonight.