Map Making - What are the IDs for Kadeshi nebulae

Like the title says. Any way to manually add/convert regular asteroids or objects we place with the available map editing tools for HW2 to add mineable nebulae like in the gardens of Kadesh?

I doubt you’ll be able to do it with any tool designed for HW2Classic.

Nebulae in HW1R are made with two functions, neither existed in HW2Classic:

addNebulaWithResources("NebulaGroup0", "Nebula0", {4580.832031, 2474.743408, -6592.282715}, 200, {72.000000, 139.000000, 58.000000, 163.000000}, 0.000000, 85.750000, 0)


addTendrils({7059.127930, 11651.402344, 5422.419922}, {4426.395508, 9239.539063, 4308.558594}, {2837.792236, 8114.835938, 1964.213135}, {383.494141, 7793.767090, -408.788330}, {-1196.716797, 6910.346680, -1451.900513}, {-2446.727783, 6660.412109, -2577.407471}, {-3866.055420, 6460.465332, -4033.955322}, {-4051.452393, 5952.906738, -5700.026855}, {-3237.778564, 5374.213379, -7167.175781}, {-3904.218018, 4146.652832, -9346.340820}, {-4768.594727, 2968.118652, -10721.615234}, {-4380.345703, 1258.954346, -11512.972656}, {-4901.323242, -950.078125, -11440.109375})

From what I read in another thread, you will have to place them manually. I suggest you look up HW1R .level files in HW1Campaign.big\leveldata\campaign\homeworldclassic for reference.

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Got it. Thanks! Hopefully we’ll get the official map maker soon.

For every node in the tendril, you must also add a addNebulaWithResources. It’s pretty simple. The tendril will automatically stretch from node to node, but it also scales in girth as it does so. If your nodes are far apart, the tendril will be thick. If they are close together, the tendril will be skinny.

I wish I had the HW1 source code so that I could copy the algorithm used to place the nebula chunks.

¿Theres an ETA for the official Map editor?

Being looking as a mad for the music of the first homeworld for put in my experimental maps and dont get them, the others editors let me put music of hw2 not from the first, i’ll want to hear badly the kadesh battle, turanic battle, taiidan battle songs :frowning:

You do know you can edit .level files manually to put the HW1R musics in there, right?

(What you’re looking for are the setDefaultMusic and setBattleMusic functions, the .level files are in Homeworld2.big\leveldata\multiplayer, and the musics in Music.big\sound\music)

There actually isn’t a level editor - not exactly.

  • HW2 levels were mostly ‘as-is’
  • HW1 levels were converted by Luke using some bits of very specialized code/script that we’re not likely to release.
  • Most other edits were manual.
  • BUT - HODOR can build a level from a DAE. And we’ll cover some of that ‘soon’ - I have to get a few other things working better first.
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Well heck. That would be awesome indeed. I recall someone made a 3ds max HW2 level export script, but if HODOR can do it i can’t even imagine how flexible that would make the entire map making process.

I wrote my own HW1/HWC level converter that I think is superior to Relic’s or GearBox’s.

You can read about it here:

Yeah, it won’t be superior to ours once you see it (and people add extra scripts/controls) - but you’ll see. It works like a charm. Just won’t be ready for a while longer for public use…