Map/Mode Overviews

On the official Battleborn YouTube channel we have Skill Overviews for each character. I would like to see overviews for each of the maps and modes as well. The map overviews would showcase each of the games maps and all of their important locations. The mode overviews would layout each of the games modes for the players instructing them on how each mode is played.

I would also perhaps add each of the Skill Overview (and Map/Mode Overviews) to the Extras section of the game. Another thing to do would also perhaps created slightly different variants of all of these videos put together to be used as marketing material that could be put on television and such.

I’m curious as to what the people here and the people at Gearbox and 2K thing about this. If you will @JoeKGBX would you kindly pass this along to the proper people at Gearbox and 2K for consideration?


I certainly will and I love the idea … But … Just throwing this out …

This sounds like just the type of thing that could be best done by a passionate and knowledgable member of the community. If only we knew someone … :wink:


who are you referring to joe ?

btw. here is a video i made on the incursion mode based off a brief gameplay session i had before the game launched and even the closed early access. There are some stuff that changed and i can improve on

I was thinking of something in the same style as the Skill Overview videos with the well chosen music and the cool effects and the rest. But if you’re asking me and the rest of the community to do something in the meanwhile I guess we’ll have to see what we can do.