Map Options - Add a slider to scale mini map zoom, and an option to set the main map to fixed orientation

The mini map is zoomed in so far that it’s utterly useless for navigating in a vehicle. Even on foot in CQB the mini map barely shows enemies outside of shotgun range. Almost every fight I’ll be engaged by targets that are outside my mini map’s range, yet they’re only 20 meters away.

As for the main map, it’s disorienting to have it rotate based on the direction of the player. When looking at the map of an entire region, people generally expect it to open at a fixed orientation, usually with North being the top. After opening with the same orientation every time, players should still be able to manipulate it as we can now, but it’s obnoxious to have to manually rotate the map it its cardinal orientation.

If I know I’m trying to go to the bottom left (SW) corner of the map for something, it’s jarring and annoying to have that SW point shift around every time I open the map while I’m driving there - which is a lot, because the mini map is useless for driving.

It’s great that we have the option to orient mini map based on player direction , but we need that option for the main map as well.


As to para 2: Main map orientation, I agree. A toggle to set main map to always cardinal North would be greatly appreciated. Having the map spin about based on where my lost character is facing is not helpful.

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