Map Pack for Homeworld Remastered

I have uploaded 13 of my Homeworld 2 maps from TFS that have been modified for use with Homeworld Remastered and an 8P version of Crimson Bond (credits to Cloaked). Each map has a preview image detailing starting positions.

The maps can be downloaded on Steam workshop:

Alternatively, if you want to use the maps in multiplayer, you can download the files from ModDB or Gamefront:

Extract the zip file and place the “leveldata” folder to your “x:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Data” directory.

And I have a question for the Developers:
Will Steam workshop be supporting non-big file add-ons in the future for things like custom maps and badges? Right now it packages all add-ons into a big file, meaning people cannot use custom maps/badges in multiplayer unless they manually install the files from an external site.

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Hi. I am trying to download the map pack from the site and after the 5 seconds timer , nothing downloads, but it ends up with an page error.

Gamefront only works in certain countries, and they sporadically add new countries to their ‘no service’ list. It is a incredibly terrible service to upload files on.

Gamefront did that becasue it became economicly unfeasable to support certain countries, as downloads from people cost money for them.

Maps for the game, i’ll give them a try against CPU first. i’m apologies for asking this but well here comes.

There was an old tool for make maps called missionboy, ¿There chances than that tool will be back?

Ill downloaded the map pack but it’s a big file, how i’ll can read the big file to see how it’s structure the maps. because ill want to learn how to do a map for rm using a stable map of remastered as a basis, ill have like 3 maps than ill maded using Missionboy for Hw2 classic, but dont know if the level file shares and the remastered level file shares the same structure

Adding support for maps, gamerules and badges (in a non .big file format) is on my “wishlist” of things to add to the mod tools (and launcher) for Homeworld Remastered.


Heyyyyyyyy botman!

Good to know you’re doing stuff on HWR. Looking forward to the mod tools.

My old map pack still works for hw2 and now hwrm. I made em in mission boy which I learned is still available and works on delphys webspace he still has. They don’t have thumbnails to view and doesn’t show positions but its not needed tbh. Where they go is in homeworld/homeworldrm/data/level maybe another folder (not at PC ATM) and they worked fine.

In closing yes the maps use the exact same path maps did for classic as shown above. So any old map packs work fine just stick em where I said.

One slight issue I saw which really isn’t a issue is the map isn’t as centered as before its slightly off centre but if u don’t care then there perfectly usable.

Forgive me for being complete stupid about this, but in HW1 we used to get new maps by just joinning a game with a new map, any chance of this system come back? it was pretty good, kept the game alive for a long time, we always had new content comming, people used to join WON and say “hey check out my new map, join”

There are issues with downloading files to the user’s drive - people could use that to be abusive or otherwise cause trouble. I think it also might relate to rules about ratings? So badges/levels that used to download won’t ‘save’ anymore. I think the general idea that you are talking about and enjoyed is one that either still works, or that we want to make sure will work - but the actual downloading of content the user didn’t explicitly opt into is probably not possible. @botman may have other or different details :wink:


Bitvenom, if it was OK for the originals to do then there’s no reason the RM versions can’t allow auto download and add maps system after joining a game that uses a unique map. Its just nitpicking reasons to disable it IMO.

Perhaps there can be an option in the game launcher that lets users “opt in” to receive files from other users (maps, badges, etc.)?

I think the downloading of custom maps is still possible (but I hadn’t tried it). We asked our QA team to try this out a couple of weeks ago, but I don’t know if they found the time to do that or not (and that may have been explicitly checking if downloading custom maps for HW2 Classic still worked or not).

I’ll email our QA lead and see if they ever tried it or not.


Botman, auto-downloading maps works like it did in hw2, but now it often leads to the host freezing. In multiplayer the host will frequently get stuck on “downloading content” when the other players do not have the custom map.

We’ve fixed an issue with the game getting stuck on “downloading content” for custom maps and that will be in the next update that gets released (soon?).

Our QA team tried this out again today and verified that clients are able to download custom maps from a server when joining it.


The maps download but go into directories under profiles folder and can not be hosted without being manualy moved to data/levels directory.

Map downloads (like badges downloads) are meant to be temporary and not stored for other players to use long term (the map .level file is actually smaller than the badge .tga file). If the map download under profiles isn’t being deleted before you quit out of the game, it probably should be (since this will get backed up to Steam cloud which probably isn’t intentional).

In my opinion this isn’t really ideal behavior for a multiplayer game (though it is how HW2 has always done it). If the map is downloaded and put somewhere that lets the receiving player host it, popular maps can spread through the community without need for dedicated map packs, which seems like a good thing to me.

The most basic issue we’re dealing with is that we have to make it clear a user has chosen to download content that resides on their machine. Badges & Maps are effectively not chosen - so they can’t stick around. It’s part of our handling for appropriate ratings, as I understand it.

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