Map rotation - give us the option to fix the map to one direction


I know this has been reported multiple times already, but here it goes again - opening the map (M), it is oriented to the direction the player was facing before opening the map. So if I open the map, then close it, turn 180° and open it again, it will be “upside” down. Can you fix the map so it opens to the same direction (North) every time it is opened? This is extremely disorienting and one of the reasons that keep me from playing the game. I mean probably every game that has a map as a feature never rotates it based on where the players character is facing.

I saw the thread that was created mid September, but there is no update whatsoever. I don’t understand how this has not been fixed or at least give an option to have the map fixed to one direction (North) every time it is opened.

I’ve reported it here: but the reply from the support was to go to this forum so here I am.

Any feedback regarding this issue would be appreciated. I have not seen any comments in the upcoming changes regarding this issue. Thank you.


It could be a long shot but what type of mini-map you have? I know that for rotating mini-map the map tab works like you described, which make sense, so maybe when you are using fixed minimap, the main map is also fixed?

It doesn’t matter which minimap option you use.

Here’s an example:

If you use fixed minimap, it will be fixed to the direction of the third printscreen. If I face up on the minimap, the map will be oriented the same as minimap (picture 1)
When I turn around and open the map, it will be oriented to the direction I’m facing (picture 2).

I find this disorienting as did many people from the thread from September, but there does not seem to be any update on this. I mean I can always try to face up on the minimap before I open the map to have the orientation I want, but why not just give the option to fix the map same as the minimap?