Map size in HUD too big for my screen

I am playing PC Windows 10. The map size is too big for my screen since the latest patch. Could some please tell me what setting I should adjust to correct. I have tried the resolution and resetting to defaults but nothing helps.

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Saw someone else with an ultrawide screen with an even worse version of that. I’m not really sure what you can do if the “safe zone” settings don’t affect the map, other than filing a support ticket.

I filed a support ticket. Thanks for the response. I have not heard back from support.

Might take a few days - the last ticket I filed was definitely slower than usual.

I’m having the same issue. Hope they can fix it. If they help you plz post the answer here. Merry Christmas folks!

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I also have this problem and have filed a support ticket, I still haven’t received a response.
Has anyone found a fix for this?

Not a fix but a workaround.

I don’t believe they still have not fixed this this problem is even worse on a 32:9 display i can’t even see the zone text even if the safe zone is completely collapsed. Cant believe this would be that hard of a thing to fix and it really interrupt my momentum when i go into the map and see it all jacked up like that

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Still an issue…3/14/2020…weee. Running 5760x1080 (3 24in 1080 monitors).

Yup, confirmed – still an issue on 32:9. On Pandora, I can’t select some of the zones. Insane…

so no fixes or tips yet. bummer. downloading now. going to run (hopefully) 7680x1440p

A tip/workaround.

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Yeah this is pretty bad. Pretty much all UI elements are screwed on 21:9. If I didn’t know hotkeys to zoom on the map it’d be unusable. And the button to redeem Guardian Tokens is almost out of reach entirely… just a snippet of it is on-screen to be pressed.

Comon Gearbox, it can’t be that hard to fix ultrawide.