Map UI Scaling in 21:9 Broken on PC

I just bought this game for my fiancé and I and we both run ultrawide 21:9 screens. She’s running 3440x1440 and I’m at 3840x1600. Our echo device UI scales fine and we can see all of our different menus but it appears the map UI is completely broken. We don’t have any buttons on the bottom of the map and it’s almost impossible to select anything to fast travel to (the parenthesis appear way off from the waypoints). Apparently this was an issue a while back but it appears to be back. I’ve seen old threads where it took many months for Gearbox to fix this the first time around.

Are there any temporary work arounds to this other than running 16:9? I tried adjusting my safe distance all the way in, editing it in the .ini file to an even lower value and playing with other settings but nothing has helped.

To be honest I’m disappointed at the shape of the game after it’s been out for so long, I’m contemplating doing a refund through steam.

If you search this section, you’ll see that ultrawide has been… let’s just call it a bumpy ride. Your call on the refund - not sure when/if any further patches are planned, but the game is out past the 2-year mark and the frequency of updates has dropped to basically coincide with additional content (of which we now have everything announced as part of the second season pass.)

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