Maps - both beta maps are very short range

Both of the beta multiplayer maps are dominated by very short range encounters with only a little mid range play (not counting exploits).

This may have been mostly for performance reasons but it strongly favors some characters at the expense of others and limits gameplay variety.

Can we expect some mid to long range maps as well like in the story mode maps or will it remain a melee fest?

Many of the games characters are melee only. You can’t just have a 200m no cover field for them to try and charge across lol. Paradise though is fairly midrange friendly already, and overgrowth does as well, at least in the first 2 sentry rooms and the mid.

From what i’ve seen, the new maps are freakin huge compared to those we played in the beta.
Meltdown/Coldsnap has so many potencial for assassin types, sneaky bastards like Rath or even Gali will have a field day on them, i bet there will be soooo many butthurts on this forum May 3rd.

Early what!? Who gets this!?


Nooooooooooo! Jerks, I must now make this my number 1 life goal!

Here’s the only shot I’m aware of to get in. Wonder how many people are in that games are being found or how that works though. Wish I’d get a key but I doubt I’ll have time to get a guide in in time. Less than 2 weeks to wait though…

OMG, I will totally submit one! Thank you kind sir, thank you!

i would have to disagree. i feel like paradise is really balanced, while the incursion map was really, really favorable to ranged characters. and i am not just referring to sentry sniping. it also depends on what exactly that it is you are trying to do in the game. oscar mike is probably the best minion clearer in the game. i would say that orendi and benedict are incredible in that regard as well. they can safely just destroy whole waves from complete safety in moments.

everyone has their role in this game.