Maps can not stand in their current state

Ive done some research on the incursion maps and ive found some disgustingly cheap tricks, and marquis is the biggest abuser of this.

Specifically overgrowth has this problem but the other map has the issue where really anyone can abuse it as long as the enemy team is barely paying attention, even if they are, theres most of the time not a lot you can do about it as one person.

On both maps it is entirely possible to attack the first sentry without it firing a shot at you or putting yourself in any real danger I’m sorry but this is bad design.

On ethelon or whatever its called, theres a little alcove that you can get to by bypassing the entire middle of the map and you can position yourself just right to shoot the sentry and it wont shoot back. On Overgrowth, you sit on that steps thats next to your own sentry (this is where marquis is a better pick for it but anyone can do it) and you can snipe the sentry and theres nothing the enemy team can do about it except push you.

I personally feel this is bad design. Part of what makes a moba is risk/reward and reward for punishing the enemy team. This skips the risk and the part of punishing the enemy team and just lets you freely deal the damage.

On overgrowth this can actually be stopped by just slightly moving the sentry back to where it cant be seen from the ramp of the other team. Theres still that alcove but the sentry can shoot you from there so its risk/reward and balanced.

I haven’t really come up with a “fix” for ethelon as the map is set up weird imo but I’m trying to come up with something.

I cant be the only person that feels this way. I actually dread seeing a marquis not because I think hes going to kill my team but because I just know hes going to abuse the free sentry kill which sends the overshield drones and really makes it hard on the enemy team to do anything all with little to no effort.

I’ve read someone saying that this particular issue with marquis & overgrowth is already beeing looked at.
I hope he’s right, but it seems way too predictable for them to not look at this.

It is being looked at, and there have already been dozens of threads about this. The search function is your friend, everyone.

The fix would just be to implement backdoor protection. No friendly minions near the enemy sentry? Good luck getting the shield/health down because it has MASSIVE regeneration. Other MOBA’s have it, and it’s a good system.

I’d rather that the Sentry was just immune to damage when it has no targets in LoS.
Requiring minions to approach just reduces the affect of a late-game wipe, as the team who caused the wipe has to wait for their minions to trek across the map towards it.