March 18th Patch Hopes & Wishes

As we all know now, the Directors Cut will be releasing March 18th. What many people may not know yet, is that we are also expected to get a hefty patch alongside the launch of DLC 6.

What do you hope and or expect to see in this patch? Personally I hope they’re able to do a few things. Firstly, I’d like to see most if not all of the bugs that were added in alongside DLC 5 to be fixed. Secondly, I’d like to see a rework of some of the class mods (especially for Zane and Amara) to hopefully make some of their useless mods more viable. Lastly, I would
like to see more weapon buffs, but also some nerfs. I may be in the minority with my last statement but I am tired of weapons like the Plasma Coil being so OP that I’m not inclined to use anything else. I would like to see some of the top tier loot scaled back just a little bit to even out the playing field some more. Either way March 18th can’t come soon enough and this DLC + large patch combo will hopefully do wonders for a game that’s been so dry recently.


The game crashing bugs
The awful matchmaking
The disaster that is Mayhem 2.0. Mayhem scaling for gear and skills is a disaster
The useless/pointless/broken skills in the skill trees
The useless/pointless/broken class mods
The awful distribution of gear drops and drop rates

New content for a broken game is still a broken game.


Bug fixes , Rework class mod ( Amara and Zane ) , Anoint system need to be change ( Buff/Remove/Reroll ) same for Dahl weapons wich can be Full Auto/Semi Auto/Burst ( When you have perfect Urad Starving beast but it’s semi auto and Burst fire … Great ) , the game need to be less random for farming equipements , it’s literally Anthem system
Buff Amara , for me she is just strong with melee damage because she is abusing ground breaker and face puncher , buff phasecast/slam less cooldown more damage , Zane green tree … Maybe healing for Fl4k he is the only one who can’t full heal , Explosif immunity for Moze … And so much more


I’m not put out anymore money for this game . The second season proves that the game is over they are throwing what’s left of the game at us trying to get what money can get out of us .

It was a good run for the borderlands series but it’s over now . Bl3 proves they out of ideas they waited over a year to even try to fix all the bugs , glitches and don’t expect them to fix even half what the game needs .

They had writers that knew nothing of the lore and wrote a very poor story line with less than mediocre villains and then make the person responsible for the murder of the more popular character in the series the future of game . And they are still trying to force her on us they still think she is viable to the game they refuse to see how she is viewed by the people that buy their game .

I’m not spending any money on this game .


I’d mostly hope for fixes, mayhem mods able/disable button and some reworks… And for balance I would like to see nerfs too because right now BL3 is waaaay too easy (that is why I really enjoy the Redux mod rebalancing…)


It isn’t wise to expect anything from the patch other then some minute changes just to save yourself from disappointment that your expectations aren’t met.


-Fix the “HUD scaling” option on PC! Right now it doesnt work.
-Fix Zane 4th skill tree preview animation not working on PC. (you dont see anything happen when adding the MNTIS cannon to zane in the skill menu, where other skill do have a nice preview)
-Planet progression tracking (Gehenna doesn’t have mission counters for example)
-Gehenna still lacks area highlights on planet view
-FL4K robot pet’s skin not applying (no matter which skin you have, it doesn’t apply to the loader bot)
-Amara 4th skill collision
-Amara’s arm always blue on the skill menu no matter which elemental you have equipped (its fine in game)

And yes, I have submitted these to customer support. I even submitted videos of each bug, so there is no “we dont understand”.

Hopefully they can fix these, as these are constant bugs, so they shoudn’t take much time to fix.


See the problem is you titled this thread “hopes & wishes” but then asked what we “realistically” expect. Those two things don’t have a lot of overlap in my case unfortunately :frowning:

But I want to see bug fixes, improvements to FL4K’s purple tree & Zane’s green tree, legendary class mod reworks/buffs, an anointment rework/overhaul, mayhem modifiers made optional on M1-9, manually selectable mayhem modifiers for those who still use them, etc.


Last time I tried giving this game a shot again my retinas were burned into the back of my skull by the preposterous FX spam, same as before.
Toning that down or giving us some user control over it would be nice.

Those sessions didn’t last long but hearing the in-game advertising for SP2 every time I zoned into Sanctuary III left rather a sour aftertaste as well.


What I would want: Some rescaling of Mayhem 2.0 as that seems to be the core of my gripes other than Ava who like it or not has been dubbed the chosen one for the future.

What I expect: some minor tweak to something I didn’t notice or wasn’t affected by.

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I’m sure it’s the same writers as the first BL1. There were different writers for BL2 that completely torn and flipped the Borderlands lore

Well Im gunna throw in my 2 cents for this patch that it would be damn nice if splitscreen was readable from a couch, I cant play when I can’t read the stats, quest text or menu from my couch, constantly getting up to check these in a game based off upgrading guns, doing quests and allocating stats in the menu makes the game very unenjoyable… Please for the love of all that is psycho, scale the damn text and UI


Nah, season pass 3 is gonna include some headband binoculars to resolve the problem.


At least that would be more than being told We Are Looking Into it.


Well first they have to tell us that they are Aware Of It before they Are Looking Into It, then lastly Not At This Time.

As for what I would like, hope, pray, whatever you want to call it. Sorry I already have said my peace there since this game has come out as others have and quite honestly don’t see anything much coming along the way of actual fixes. However I do see fixes coming to the Beta Testing people will do with The Directors Cut.

I hope I’m wrong but I can only go by GBX track record when it comes to addressing issues.


Well since this is a wish list…

  • Buff Zane’s green tree, put a stack cap on Commitment
  • Buff Fl4k’s purple tree
  • Buff Phaseslam and Phasecast
  • Rework weaker class mods
  • Weapon buffs
  • Reduce overall number of anointments by half
  • Take out some of the different stats which can roll on class mods and artefacts so that you are more likely to get what you want without having to trade
  • 4 player scaling for Eista and trials, in exchange for more dedicated drops
  • Adjust dedicated drop rates according to Mayhem level. The higher you go, the more likely you are to receive a dedicated drop
  • Fix SNTL cryo, 200 ASA and other awkward anointments

Hopes : None…

Wishes: Tons …

Didnt think that many people would get it ^^ but if there’s 1 wish i have , i hope the dev put all the love they have for bl series into those last patches/dlc :wink: this should cover both hopes and wishes i listed haha!


Hopes no new game breaking bugs.


Borderlands 3: A New Patch
Borderlands 3: Defect Strikes Back
Borderlands 3: Return of the Cartels


Recently found out that on ps4, there’s an option to zoom the screen by pressing the ps button and square. That was a huge help. Not sure if xbox have this, but maybe that’s helpful to you or anyone reading this.

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