March 18th Patch Hopes & Wishes

Blurred *ahem trickster :slight_smile:


Or flesh crunch!


That Disturbed Survivor healthgate build :wink:


Or the Expert/Impact Grenadier! The Tina COMs too.

I miss COMs making a difference to my build. There are only a few in the game with a special effect or skill boosted that is so significant that it is a “game changer.” Red Fang, Mindsweeper, Seein Dead, and that’s about it AFAIK, although there may be more.


Annointment forge would be a huge qol improvement. I sold all my weapons on my lvl 65 zane, thinking I’ll just use what I have to farm new weaps. Then I go somewhere and start mobbing/bossing for about 5 minutes, then I’m like- Yeah I could be playing league, cod, or nioh 2 (at the moment).
Annointment forge, we have an end game station that can change and modify the entire gameplay loop, why not have a end game station that we can modify annoints at.

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no, do not nerf anymore. there are only a few guns like the plasma coil that are effective at mayhem 10, we actually need more guns that are viable at mayhem 10.

The plasma coil is BUSTED on m10. When I think as a viable gun I think as a balanced gun, for example, the trevonator, pretty powerfull but not stupid Op XD


Even more so on normal mode. :smiley: I started a fresh character and dipped into Arms Race a couple times to nab some stuff… got a level 35 Plasma Coil on my second run and it’s just plain stoopid on normal mode, one-shotting everything. It’s not even close to fair. See some enemies grouped together? Just spray-wave a single burst at them and they’re all instagibbed.

The Beskar is stoopid on NVHM too, you can just stand in the middle of a few enemies and they all kill themselves with their own bullets in 3-4 shots or less. Launcher-wielding badass COV are hilarious—they fire a rocket, it bounces right back to them and blows 'em up.


Ive had a tizzy, dark army, madcap and boogeyman in normal mode like around lv 30, they lasted almost until lv 45 without taking a hint


Fixes for the frequent crashes, especially on the new Xbox Series X, that seems to stem from a memory leak. It happens after playing for a while, when I’m transitioning. It happens more frequently when I’ve been switching characters o porting around the planets a lot.

Splitscreen fixes including trading bugs, UI issues, and the general “unplayability of 3-4 player splitscreen” due to the horrible and stupid UI design.

General bug-fixes and game crashes.

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I’m pretty hyped for the update because whether it’s good or not the forums will be extremely active and probably very entertaining. I know others have joked about enjoying the forums more than the game itself for a while but I do really like it when an update or news drops and there’s a lot of discussion.


A reason to play, I have like 40gb of around 500gb on the Xbox One, this may end up being moved for space if there is something that I want on the console.

Currently been playing BL1 again. Got Roland to 69 (still 4 skill points to get), beat playthrough 2 with Brick and Lilith just working up about 12 levels on both. Mordi still has the story to go and trying to get a build going, gonna have to do playthrough 1 Claptrap DLC to do playthrough 2 for hardware upgrades, running round rust commons west dosent give much of use.


Matchmaking NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!!

I hardly ever play this game anymore since am NEVER able to matchmake with people. It is boring playing against AI all by yourself constantly.

And will say AGAIN! Why is matchmaking broke in Borderlands 3 when it worked just fine in Borderlands 2.

How do you just mess that up. Especially when multiplayer is HUGE part of this game/franchise!

Truly doubt I’m the only customer just *****ed off about this. It’s been too long! Fix it!


Honestly, I’m kinda wondering if they’ll add more guardian rank perks.
They created a second page, with a bunch of space for more perks, and there must be more ideas for them, so it seems likely that this would be a good time (trying to get players back into the game and giving them something to do) to add more.

Who knows, though?

  • A cap on Commitment.

  • A Fix for FL4K’s Cmdlt mod (Which does nothing except make their Pet do nothing) and Monkey Do (something’s up, I’m not sure.)

  • Also, grant their pets immunity to radiation after Success Imminent is activated. Water is their worst enemy.

  • A rework of Zane’s green tree

  • Remove most of the new anointments (ESPECIALLY all of Moze’s)

  • Fix the collision of Phaseflare, it tends to get stuck in the ground.

  • Fix the respawn posts in Arms Race (Your partners don’t come back.)

  • Expand the bank

  • Remodel matchmaking

  • Scale Katagawa properly on Mayhem levels. He’s VERY easy to one shot without me even trying.


Pretty much this with a rework of Fl4k’s 4th tree. Along with general bug fixes.

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Update on the now April 8th patch - Graeme Timmins replied to a tweet with the implication that there will be lots of nerfs in the next patch. My guess is they’re worried this new raid boss is going to be an easy one shot.

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Are you sure you don’t mean Graeme Timmins? Because I don’t see any of Randy’s post saying anything about nerfs, while this tweet in fact hints at more balance adjustments


It’s a small gripe compared to the bug fixes and other request but I have one more. Since this game is about loot how about we go back to the BL2 approach to chest. If we want to save quit farm the same chest 100 times in a row that should be our choice. A real time in game lock of 45 minutes for a red chest and a couple of minutes for white chest as the only means of resetting them is just backwards. If you want the timer for an “active” session fine that has precedent and makes sense but if we are willing to deal with the loading screens of save quit for a no effort farm that should be player choice.


Yes my apologies I don’t know why I had Pitchford in my head when I wrote that lol.

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